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We ate at Captain D’s for Timmy’s birthday. Nate was a little wild man 🙁 Then we went to Wal*Mart and got Tim a pair of cowboy boots and he got a racetrack with his birthday money. I’ll put up pictures when I get some.


It’s one of those days when I really want human contact (besides my children who, though I love them, are just not the same)… and there is none available. I have things to do and don’t feel like doing it, even though I’ve begun and have accomplished some, it just isn’t enough. The more I do, the more hopeless it […]


Aren’t Mondays wonderful things? Starting over after a weekend. Usually starting out behind :-/ I DID make a point of working 15 minutes in my bedroom, cleaning… but I didn’t make much progress and what I DID got undone when I wasn’t looking 🙁 The kids did their jobs but they, too, managed to get undone. We didn’t make a […]


We dropped of our ad info to put our ad in Yellow Book in Marshall County this next year. I hope we get a better return on it than we got in Huntsville!We also went to Barnes & Noble where I got a teacher’s discount card (20% off qualifying purchases!) and a couple books.We ate at Subway in Gurley, where […]


I like to play Scrabble online with my friends. It’s one of my favorite pastimes 🙂 I also like Literati, which is similar.I’m currently attempting to follow John McDougall‘s health plan. I’ve lost some weight on it (I have about 60 pounds to lose) but until I add exercise, it won’t come off very quickly.I have a personal web site […]