Bobby’s Social Experiment

Bobby decided to do something a little different the semester of Fall 2013. It was appropriate, since this was the semester when he took a Psychology class. He decided to dress radically differently every class day (Tuesdays and Thursdays). I have chronicled the experiment here for the viewing pleasure of my friends.

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Day One: The Doctor – 8/20/2013


He texted me shortly after arriving, and before class started, that people seeing him seemed uncomfortable (feeling underdressed, apparently), even though he is the only person dressed up.

Day Two: Ghetto – 8/22/2013


Bobby wanted the second day to be a drastically huge change from the first. I think he accomplished that. Still, this change *could* be attributed to realization (“Oh, I don’t have to get dressed up for college.”) so it is the next one that is going to be likely to elicit reactions. Still, any reactions he tells me about will be posted here.

He just texted me that there’s a good chance that people may be avoiding him now!

Day Three: Nerd – 8/27/2013


Now, the third day will be sure to have people confused, guessing, or amused!

It seems the main reaction to this outfit was shock – surprise that anyone would ACTUALLY dress like that.

Day Four: Tourist – 8/29/2013


Today’s look isn’t quite as radical as the previous, and he expects to feel a bit more comfortable, at least! He has his camera phone, as is the common format for many of today’s tourists.

Sure enough, there was not much response today, since his outfit actually looks quite normal. Next week, though, should be interesting. 😀 Stay tuned!

Day Five: Preacher – 9/3/2013


Bobby chose to dress as a preacher – including carrying his Bible – today. He said that he got more askance looks than previously, and one guy did mention to him that he noticed he’d been wearing different things every time.

Day Six: 80s (loosely based on Ted from “Bill & Ted”) – 9/5/2013


Today’s look is an 80s look. He said someone asked him where his suit & tie were, and another guy just stared at him. He said he’s gotten a few really interesting looks. I suggested it may be that people are starting to recognize his face and trying to figure him out.

Day Seven: Working Man – 9/10/2013


Today: business shirt with the company logo, armed with business cards and work reports…nothing too out of the ordinary.

Day Eight: Just Awoke – 9/12/2013


That “just woke up” look, complete with bedhead (which he doesn’t GET, so he had to make it do it)! Looking forward to hearing what today’s reactions are! He said the most annoying part of this one is that pajama pants have no pockets!

Interestingly, he said the comments were primarily regarding the slippers! Nobody seemed to care that he was wearing pajamas.

Day Nine: Greaser – 9/17/2013


Slicked hair, white shirt & jeans, leather jacket: Bobby’s look today is practically “The Fonz.” I couldn’t decide which picture I preferred, so here are both the basic and the posed.

He said there are more people mentioning that they have seen him dressing differently every day.

Day Ten – Farmer – 9/19/2013


Farmer Harvey headed off to school today, with his overalls and plaid shirt.

Bobby met up with someone from one of his classes in GameStop. It was obvious the guy recognized him, and they talked a little.

Day Eleven – Lumberjack – 9/24/2013


Today’s look is a little more subtle than many previous ones. My personal opinion is that someone *might* ask him today, “What are you supposed to be?” …but we will have to wait and see.

Nobody asked, but that’s okay.

Day Twelve – Secret Agent – 9/26/2013


Secret Agent, all ready to go with sunglasses & laptop, and of course the solid black suit! And since he got his hair cut Wednesday, this outfit is MUCH more radical a change than just the clothes!

Day Thirteen – Medical Professional – 10/1/2013


The Medical Professional, dressed in standard scrubs, is off to college. Thus begins October, the month in which outfits will become more and more … interesting … until October 31 (which happens to be a Thursday, and thus a school day).

He said that, at this point, people would probably be more shocked if he DIDN’T wear something different!

Day Fourteen – Hunter – 10/3/2013


Since Bobby is planning to hunt this season, he had the outfit, so here he goes! “Be vewy, vewy quiet…”

Day Fifteen – Gamer – 10/8/2013


For those who aren’t into gaming (or who don’t have children who are), the hat is from Super Scribblenauts; the shirt is Legend of Zelda, as is the back of the jacket, and around his neck is the Assassin’s Creed symbol.

He said the most common comment was, “I’m not even going to ask!” and most of the looks went to the hat.

Day Sixteen – Fashion Anarchist – 10/10/2013


What does one say about an outfit like this?

Day Seventeen – Ninja – 10/15/2013


Couldn’t find his long sleeved shirt, but this is pretty close. I know he usually MOVES like a ninja, anyway (as in, one doesn’t always hear him coming – or going)!

He mentioned that someone in his first class said, “Ninja?”

Day Eighteen – Preppy – 10/17/2013


Inspired by Carlton Banks (of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air), the preppy kid is stereotypically a bit uppity.

Day Nineteen – Clark Kent – 10/22/2013


The shirt he’s wearing is thin enough that the superman logo beneath shows through, which is really cool!

He said that his theater teacher asked him if he was really interested in theater, since he is wearing a costume every day! I think he is the first teacher to say anything about it.

Day Twenty – Connor – 10/24/2013


Connor, from Assassin’s Creed 3: Rachel made this outfit for him last year. The sword belongs to one of his brothers.

Day Twenty-One – Roman Soldier – 10/29/2013

2013-10-29 Bob-Roman2m

Since this is Halloween week, it seemed a good time to use outfits he isn’t likely to be wearing any other time of year. Today’s is courtesy of our friends Tom & Mara.

He had someone ask him if he was going to be in a play.

Day Twenty-Two – Zombie – 10/31/2013


Since this is the only day he could really get away with this degree of “costume,” this is the day he decided to be a zombie. I think he did an awesome job!

“I’m almost full on horror movie material… I’m only really spoken of in whispers.”

Bobby was interviewed by a radio station in New Mexico! You can hear it here: – it starts at 27:46.

Day Twenty-Three – Jerk – 11/5/2013


Those who know Bobby know that this definitely is NOT something he would normally wear (especially the hat), but I fully expect him to get a lot of wear out of that shirt!

He heard a lot of, “Oh, nothing special today?” LOL!

Day Twenty-Four – Musician – 11/7/2013


Musician – in the professional, concert orchestra style.

Several people asked if he actually plays violin (he does). Also, he met some interesting looks in Walmart after school. Most people dress DOWN to go to Walmart, I guess!

Day Twenty-Five – Honoring our Heroes – 11/12/2013


In honor of those who gave their lives – either literally or figuratively – in service to our country, Bobby has a military-themed outfit today.

Day Twenty-Six – Gamer Mk2 – 11/14/2013


“In preparation for the PS4 Friday, I decided to try to start a flame war. Battle responsibly!” ~Bobby

Required Play Viewing – 11/16/2013


Bobby’s theater class required him to view a play, and he chose the one that is being performed tonight. He decided to dress up, and, since it is a school thing, I decided to add it to his page.

Day Twenty-Seven – Random – 11/19/2013


One of the items Bobby intended to use today didn’t work, so he went with “random.” Maybe not different enough for those at the school to recognize that it isn’t “normal for him,” but different enough for him and anyone who actually knows him. Pardon the “demon-dog” behind him!

Day Twenty-Eight – Artist – 11/21/2013


Bobby’s pretty into drawing, so it seemed like a logical thing to do. He drew the things on his shirt and pants.

Day Twenty-Nine – Black Friday Shopper Survivor – 12/3/2013


He did, actually, do some Black Friday shopping, but it wasn’t quite the experience this outfit would lead one to believe.

Day Thirty – The Morning After – 12/5/2013

2013-12-05 07.27.25

I think we’re winding down to the end of the semester – and the experiment.

Day Thirty-One – Domestic Servant – 12/10/2013

2013-12-10 07.18.58

Last day of classes! Instead of “a month of Sundays” we have “a month of outfits.” The inspiration (I think) for this one was when he was asked to drive a friend to a neighboring city. He decided to dress the part of chauffeur instead of just acting it.

Finals – 12/12/2013-12/17/2013


This QR code will bring a person directly to this web page. For anyone who scanned it, thank you for participating in Bobby’s Social Experiment!

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