Children and Current Events


The news is full of tense situations, discrimination, hate, and violence. Some situations cannot be hidden from children, and then questions arise. Children want answers. While we obviously do not have all the answers, it doesn’t hurt to open up a dialogue. Sometimes a good book can help to open up the conversation or give perspective.

Knowledge is power, goes the old saying. This is definitely an area in which that is true. The more kids know about others, the better the chance that hate and discrimination based on ignorance can be nipped in the bud.

One way to encourage children to learn more about other cultures is through these unique coloring books that not only contain pictures to color from other nations, but also information about the nations presented, as well.

 “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.”

Learning what happened both in our nation’s history and in the history of the whole world can help us to understand current events and predict what is likely to happen if things don’t change…

What can children do?


Learn about themselves

In the process of learning “about me” in this book, children will also learn about others both like them and different from them. This can open up dialogue about how, no matter what our differences, all people are people.

Learn about crime

What criminals do – and how they are caught – make this a possible conversation opener for tweens. Showing that doing wrong is not wise, and those who do wrong will face consequences can open young eyes to why following a right path is the better choice.

Learn about believing in themselves

“Bob is not a unicorn. His friend George knows that. So does Stella. And Ted, and Larry. In fact, it’s definite: Bob is not a unicorn.
Or is he?
Bob is a Unicorn, by beloved author Michelle Nelson-Schmidt, celebrates both the power of imagination and the importance of always – no matter what anyone else says – believing in yourself.”

Learn about self-confidence

Despite the emphasis put on self-esteem and being yourself in today’s world, children still have to deal with insecurity.

Cordelia is a modern-day fable about believing in yourself and your dreams – and flying wherever you want to go.

Learn about perspective

Two sides of the same story. The girl found a creature in the woods and took him home.

See the story from both points of view. Open a discussion about how events are not always what they appear from one person’s perspective.

Learn about being themselves

Arnold is unique – but that doesn’t mean he’s improper.

Many children have unique challenges, traits, or cultures that make them appear different to those around them – maybe even their own family. Recognizing that the differences make us who we are can go a long way toward self-confidence.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” ~Mahatma Ghandi

Be welcoming

Duck wants to belong. He finally finds a way to belong through the principle “to have a friend, be a friend.”

Kids will identify with Duck’s struggle, and his resolution can help them find resolution for themselves.

Be kind

This book is full of great ideas for ways to spread happiness to others, from sneaky random acts of kindness to overt joy-spreading.

Children can learn that being kind to others makes them feel happier, too!

Activity resources available from Kane Miller.

Be encouraging

When Whale is sad, Penguin wants to help. His humor and friendship end up being exactly what Whale needs!

This book helps children to know they can help their friends when they’re feeling down – and their friends can help them, if they’ll let them.

Be the change

Children don’t have to be grown and have special powers to be a hero – even little things can have far-reaching results. This book has a lot of great ideas for ways children can make a difference in the world.

Don’t just want change; BE the change!