Fiction Friday: Another excerpt

Meanwhile, back on his home planet, Forno, in the town of Ziti, Biff’s best friend Neal Parmesan sat in his comfortable recliner, watching the news. His phone began to vibrate, the first notes of the popular song “Lasagna” sounding tinnily through the room. Grabbing the device, he wiped the screen and grumbled, “Hello?”

“Hello!” piped Pizelle’s lilting voice. “I just got a message from Biff! He’s landed on Marinara!”

Neal sat up straighter, interest filling his face. “Oh? And what did he find?”

“Well….” she trailed off, then continued, “I don’t, actually, know yet. I don’t know what sort of delay there is in the messages, but I sent a reply and he hasn’t answered, yet.”

“Hopefully, he’ll get back to you pretty soon. Maybe he’ll send pictures!”

Pizelle laughed. “Probably not. I imagine the roaming charges are exorbitant!”

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