My Family

I met my husband Robert in 1990, at college in Oklahoma City, OK. He was there from Arkansas, and I was there from South Carolina (though he was born in Florida, and I was born in New York). Almost exactly a year later, we married, in August of 1991.

We moved to Arkansas the following spring: May 1992.

In April 1993, our first child was added to our family, a son, who we named Bobby. His sister followed 17 months later, in September 1994, and we named her Rachel. Our third child, Timmy, was born in October 1996.

In December 1998, we moved to Alabama. Our next children were added here. Nate was born in January 2000, followed by John Luke in November 2005, David (born too early into the arms of Jesus in September 2007), and Sarah in March 2009.

After two early miscarriages in the summer of 2011, Hannah was born into the arms of Jesus in August 2012.



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