The Peace Symbol

I grew up in the 1970s, when Chick tracts were all the rage. One (or more) of these indicate that the universal peace symbol is an upside-down broken cross, meant to be Satanic and specifically geared to witchcraft. A few months ago, I did a bit of a study on the symbol. I discovered this: There are differing accounts of […]

A Piece of History

This amazing house is only a few miles from where I live. It was built before the Civil War (or, as I have heard it called, the “War of Northern Aggression”) and has been updated – while keeping as close as possible to its roots – with modern conveniences like electricity and bathrooms. Check out this beauty! (Click on the […]

“Respect is earned, not given.”

I saw this on Facebook today, and I’ve seen it before. I cannot type “YES” to this statement. Here’s the thing: respect may be earned, but no matter how respect-worthy a person is, respect itself is still given. Respect says more about the person giving respect than the person receiving it. A respectful person will be respectful even to those […]

Megamaxx Console Game

So we gave Nate a phone for his 16th birthday. However, we didn’t want it to be too obvious, so we got a “prank box” to put it in. The one we got was for a “Megamaxx console game” (console not included) for doing chores. It has a link “for more information” on the box – – which doesn’t […]

Think it Through

Like a bushel of acid-dipped feathers released into the wind, so are thoughtless words: never to be fully retrieved and each causing damage to the surface on which it lands. This damage may be irreparable; one might never know the final result of some of the strewn pieces. One would think after 43 years of life (most of that with […]

Happy New Year!

I know I am a little late – since it is already January 2 – but I wanted to wish everyone a very happy new year. May your 2015 be full of blessings and may even your trials bring you joy.

Running, Running

Along the path I daily tread From morning until time for bed, Step by step, a couple rungs, A burst of speed, refill my lungs, I watch the path as it goes by. The end will get here, if I try… Keep pressing on, yard by yard, Some steps easy, some steps hard. It seems a mile, or maybe two, […]

Books and Movies

I love books. I’ve loved books ever since I began reading at 2-and-a-half years old. There is a recent trend in which famous books are being made into movies. (Case in point: The Hobbit, which is currently playing in my living room.) What I can’t figure out is why they bother naming the movie the same as the book, when […]


You hear it everywhere these days. “It’s reverse discrimination!” “That’s reverse racism.” No. Discrimination, according to, is “treatment or consideration of, or making a distinction in favor of or against, a person or thing based on the group, class, or category to which that person or thing belongs rather than on individual merit: racial and religious intolerance and discrimination.” […]

FYI: Craig cmp741e tablet reset information

We had a customer who had purchased a 7″ tablet – a Craig cmp741e – and whose grandchild had entered a pattern password and then could not remember it. She was looking for a way to reset it. We searched all over the internet, including Craig’s site, to no avail. We have just been called back with the proper procedure […]

The Beauty of Nature

I’ve seen a lot of beautiful photos over the years. My daughter takes some wonderful pictures, as many of you know. I’ve recently discovered that a friend from long ago now does some wonderful photography, as well. If you have a minute, you should take a look at some of his work; I’m sure you will enjoy it. I know […]

January is over. Already.

How does the time go SO fast!? We just celebrated the new year, and the first month is over already. I think it was good that I made no resolutions, as I have not done anything particularly different yet this year. I have goals, but have barely begun to work on them. One of them is to get more exercise, […]

January Update Letter

Dear Family & Friends, First, I want to apologize for the length between update letters! I had intended to send one at Christmas time, but obviously I failed. I hope you had a pleasant holiday season and I hope this letter finds you feeling well. I haven’t written since August. I know there have been things that happened in that […]

Why do I write?

Why do I write? I write for many reasons. Some of these include: to process things; to vent; for fun; to share information; and to connect with others. What motivates me to write? Feelings are often motivators – when my emotions run high, writing offers an outlet that may not be otherwise available. This includes both positive and negative emotions. […]

Penguin Cupcakes

I saw a link to these on Facebook. They are so cute, and look like they would be pretty easy to make. It’s just cupcakes and Oreos, for the most part. Check them out here: Penguin Cupcakes.


I found out about this book in a rousing bit of that family fun thing that I did discuss in a post prior. This book contains not that thing that most usually shows up in works of fact or fiction, and it is difficult to avoid it. I found a wild thrill at this finding. If I can, I want […]


Quelf is an amusing and delightful game in which players act like idiots without it being a problem. Everyone gets in on the fun and it is a blast! There are five categories of cards and eight character pieces (each with its own personality, as shown by quotes on the cards). Apparently some boxes also include biographies of the characters, […]

Schedules, School, and Sleepiness

So here it is, Monday again and a new week. A new year! So we started to follow our schedule (which I created a few months ago, and it worked great the single day in which we managed to follow it successfully). So far, we only missed one thing on it today. School is in progress, and one of my […]