Update Letter – August 2016

Dear Friends and Family,August 2016 It’s been much too long (over a year!) since I last wrote an update letter! For this, I apologize. Let’s see—what’s happened since June 2015? My inlaws got a new puppy (who is now pretty much full grown, of course, but still relatively small, as he’s a Yorkie) which they named Max. (Max when they […]

June 2015 Update Letter

Dear Friends and Family, Since it is already the sixth month, and I’m horribly behind on update letters, I’ll just cover this year so far. In January, Nate turned 15. He is currently about 6’2” – which is the same as his paternal grandfather. Everyone in our house has to look UP at him! In February, I turned 44 – […]

July Update Letter 2013

Dear Friends & Family, July 15, 2013 It’s been four and a half months since my last update letter (sorry!). A lot has happened in that time! MARCH In March, my oldest daughter became my second graduate. We had a full ceremony followed by a reception for her. She gave a speech, which she also did in American Sign Language […]

February 2013 Update Letter

Dear Friends & Family, February has been a fairly mild month, weather-wise, here. I know you might not have had weather as nice as we experienced, but I hope you did! Early this month, Rachel took the ACT test. She got her scores on the 25th, with a score that is solidly average. I’m very proud of her, as she […]

January 2013 Update Letter

Dear Friends and Family, I hope you are well. I am hoping to do better with keeping up with updates this year, so I’m hurrying to do this one before January is over! December was pretty nice. The Christmas parade on the first Monday of December actually saw some reasonably warm weather, for the first time since we moved here […]

October Update Letter

Dear Friends, Sorry I have not updated in so long! A lot has been going on. My last letter was sent the end of January. I definitely did not intend to wait until October to send another one! At the time of the January letter, I had just found out I was pregnant with what would have been our seventh […]