Fiction Friday: Another excerpt

Meanwhile, back on his home planet, Forno, in the town of Ziti, Biff’s best friend Neal Parmesan sat in his comfortable recliner, watching the news. His phone began to vibrate, the first notes of the popular song “Lasagna” sounding tinnily through the room. Grabbing the device, he wiped the screen and grumbled, “Hello?” “Hello!” piped Pizelle’s lilting voice. “I just […]

First Fiction Friday of 2015

I asked my kids for words… they gave me the following: word, chivalrous, peanut butter, Yoshi, pony So what follows is what I came up with from those words. The light brown pony, who was just about the same color as peanut butter, stood chewing calmly by the fence as he watched the other ponies play in the corral. He […]