A dear friend of mine on “time” –

Today someone got really frustrated with me. They were telling me how frustrated they are with their lives, that there is so much to do and they are always so overwhelmed. Something HAD to break because they NEEDED to spend time doing pet projects and things that are important to them.

I started to say, “I know. My life is much the same, and I can really sympathize”, but I got out only the “I know. My life is much the same…” and I was interrupted.

“You *always* say how you are doing exactly what you love doing, so don’t give me that! I can’t talk to you right now.”

And they just left.

And I sat there and thought about it, and well, they were right. lol

But only half way right.

See, we are going to always do what we want to do. If we can’t do something, excepting rare situations, the reason we can’t do it is because we don’t *really* really want to do it.

I have this larger sized family to take care of and a husband who likes my attention. I’m going to have to work at it if I don’t want my husband to be miserable and my kids to grow up to be godless jerks and if I want to live in a place that isn’t filthy. So since I have to do it anyway…I’ve decided that I love what I do, and therefore because I love doing it, I *want* to do it.

Simple perspective issue.

If there is something that you have to do, you somehow have to make that thing something you want to do, and then it becomes like a hobby, a fun thing, your heart’s desire, your challenge, sometimes even your reason for living.

I am putting myself in your shoes. I don’t live there, you see, because Tim is a messy and quite disorganized, so he doesn’t ask much from me because he’s so thrilled with what I do since it seems to him that I accomplish the impossible every day. It’s true. I accomplish what to him seems impossible. lol

But anyway…putting myself in your shoes…

I guess I can probably say with some accuracy that Rob’s vision for your home and kids is not exactly the same as yours, or you would be doing it and probably doing it well…according to Rob’s vision.

So that means you don’t really like the daily doing of these things, like they are really fun to you. Is that right?

If you can make yourself really enjoy them, it will help you immensely.

If you can’t, then you could do what I would most likely do…impress the harsh taskmaster. lol

That would be my daily challenge for the rest of my life. To daily blow away my husband by what I accomplished.

Well, maybe not blow away. But not leave one single thing that he can see left undone.

A fun thing. Like Beat The Clock. Or Jeopardy. Or Spades.

Read books. Make charts. Read articles. Look at photos of lovely homes. Read about the lives of the women who can actually do this, and find out how. Read about women from the depression days or pioneer days and see how much they work all day long and still enjoy their families.

It’s possible, you know.

But it all comes down to the same old bottom line….you will always do the things you want to do.

by OreoSouza

This dear friend has such a way with words. This is something I’ve often thought, in abstract (the part about “having” time to do things one *wants* to do) but never thought it through to *making* things into things I *want* to do!

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