Weird dream

I dreamed we had adopted several children (I’m thinking it was a sibling group) and had taken them to my friends F&K’s house (but it wasn’t the one they live in, in real life) to visit. We had a nice visit! When we were getting ready to leave, F had a new thing that was supposed to make money transfer available so he did one for me (for $1) to test it out, but I wouldn’t know if it worked until we got home. As we were getting into the van, I looked down at the top of the head of one of the new children and saw a *patch* of bugs! Ewww! So I told K about it so she would know to check her children’s heads, and we left, with me mentally planning to treat her and check the other children when we got home. Ugh.

I’m glad THAT one isn’t based on reality! (for the bugs part! I wouldn’t mind the ‘more children’ part, I think)

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