What IS it with dreams?

The dream starts out in a cafeteria, with a bunch of people I don’t know in real life, but I knew there. I had to leave the room for something (can’t recall what) and when I came back, all the people who WERE there had gone and there were different people in the seats. Returning to the seat I’d been in, I found the neighboring seat occupied by *B*, a male friend from my childhood. He looked like I remember him, though, and I have seen recent pictures and he does not look like that anymore! *I* was still *me* and I asked him if he was for real or if he was some sort of hologram (must be from seeing that stupid Wendy’s commercial too many times!) and he wouldn’t really answer, but when I reached out to test, I met solid flesh. He looked a little sheepish, but couldn’t say much. Someone in the background started poking fun at big people who had trouble getting out of their cars because of their fat.

… the scene changed to a waiting area… rather like a ‘train station’ or ‘bus station’ sort of place. There was a man there with a baby who was odd… every time the ‘authorities’ came through, he pretended to have been reading a New Testament (but it was always open to the inside front cover, and not to any words) and just acting strange. When he took the baby into the restroom to change its diaper, I collected my stuff and my baby (who was now with me) and started to leave.

… the scene changed again, and where the man had been was now a woman, smoking. I looked at her with disapproval as I continued to leave. She blew out smoke and spoke. “The orphans from Russia need help!” Her speech commanded the attention of everyone in the room. “I know, because we had 14 of them until last week, when we had to close for lack of funds. I don’t know what will happen to them. We need contributions!”
I stepped forward. “Will you put feet to your plea?” I asked. “Will you quit smoking and put that $3 every however often into your fund?”
She looked shocked, then thoughtful. “I just finished a cigarette, so I am inclined to say ‘yes’,” she spoke slowly, “but I don’t know if I’ll still feel that way later.” She stood. “I will be back when I can say that I am contributing in that way. Thank you!” And she left.

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