The word abomination appears in 142 verses in the King James Bible. Of these, six are in the New Testament. Two speak of the abomination of desolation (in Matthew & Mark), three are in Revelation in descriptions about John’s vision, and the remaining one appears in Luke, which states in chapter 16, verse 15: “And he said unto them, Ye […]

Megamaxx Console Game

So we gave Nate a phone for his 16th birthday. However, we didn’t want it to be too obvious, so we got a “prank box” to put it in. The one we got was for a “Megamaxx console game” (console not included) for doing chores. It has a link “for more information” on the box – http://www.gamemasterfuntimestorespot.com/store/gaming/electronic/consoles/recreation/brands/megamaxx/2009models/extremechores/itemnumber4314B – which doesn’t […]

I remembered what I wanted to write.

Last night in church, we sang “Honey in the Rock.” It amazes me sometimes how certain things bring up very vivid memories. I can never sing that song without remembering a friend (well, at the time I considered him a friend, but I’ve lost touch and, with how things were and such, I somehow doubt he’d have any interest whatsoever […]


Robby had a migraine, so he stayed home today. It was kind of nice to be driving again. Although, driving didn’t really lessen the movement-sickness effect, so thankfully it isn’t very far from home to church. There was something else I wanted to write here, but I cannot remember what it was. I hate it when that happens!


Let’s see. Where to start! Well, we went to the doctor appt, and everything looks good and I have an ultrasound appointment Tuesday. We got to our friends’ house (where my children were) and when I walked down the hall to use her bathroom, I got hit with a horrible headache, which never DID go away yesterday. Thankfully, it was […]


I’m walking again! That’s such a nice thing to be able to do. I had an appointment with a “care coordinator” this morning to fill out paperwork, and I have an OB appointment tomorrow morning. I’m very tired from getting up at 6am; those of you who know me, know that I am NOT used to getting up that early!

05/05/05 Update

Fifth day of the fifth month of the two-thousand-and-fifth year… cool, huh? Ok, so, update. Robby found me a used wheelchair at a thrift store, but I hope I don’t need it. I would if we go much of anywhere, because I still can’t walk far, but I *did* walk to the mailbox at the end of the driveway, and […]


I’m doing a little better, as evidenced by the fact that I’m here – at least briefly. My leg is still swollen, though I think it has started to go down a little, and my sciatic nerve is still pinched, but all-in-all, I feel better. I appreciate the prayers of those who prayed for me through this, and of those […]

We went camping over the weekend.

Overall, it was a very nice trip. The weather was beautiful during the day, and it didn’t rain at all (though one night was quite windy). The only time the cold-at-night was a problem was getting up 2x to potty! My brother showed up about 4/5pm on Friday, and we spent a little time with them but they left about […]

Travelling ramble

I have decided that I dislike tinted windows, and driving after dark. When we are driving, I like to be able to look at the people in other cars, and both of the above foil that effort. (I also dislike mirrored sunglasses for a similar reason – I like being able to see eyes. You miss a lot by not […]

We had a nice trip!

One of our customers sent us to Florida this week! It was very nice. I got to visit with one family whom I had never met in real life before (knew from internet), and also with some friends who recently moved down there. I wrote this to some friends yesterday: We left our other hotel this morning (hungry – despite […]


I dreamed I was riding in a school bus that my friend Jean was driving, and another school bus drove up beside and in one of the front seats was a girl I went to school with in 6th – 7th grades, named Dena Sedlock (I’m sure that isn’t her last name anymore)… we didn’t get along that well in […]

About the previous:

A comment said, That’s just CRAZY! 😉 Not that I’m knocking a well-placed hug at the appropriate moment, but to love ALL hugs?!?!?! LOL!!!! Like I told the commenter in an email – I cannot think of one hug in my entire life that I disliked. There were a couple awkward ones (due to the hug-ee being a non-huggy type) […]


I dreamed we were helping to take care of two little girls, Christian and Tyler, and their little sister Liz (or Sandy… both names were used)… and we ended up adopting them, and still had this one coming along in December! Instant large family LOL! It was neat though.

I almost forgot to post

…about our trip to Mississippi! On Wednesday, March 23, we drove down to Mobile, AL, where I got to meet one of my friends (whom I “met” online a few years ago and this is the first time we got to meet in person)! It was a very nice visit. We left there and went to a hotel – only […]