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Ten Things I Don’t Understand

Ten Things I Don’t Understand

1. Why would lenders rather end up owning a house they can’t unload, instead of selling it to the current buyer at a lower price?

2. Why do makers of small children’s programming use such annoying and repetitive songs and chants?

3. Why do some people seem to have an easier time staying up all night and sleeping during the day?

4. Why do people always want your attention when you’re trying to concentrate on something, and not during the several hours on either side when you aren’t?

5. Why does it take so much to motivate people to clean up after themselves? Shouldn’t a clean and tidy living space be enough motivation?

6. Why are fleas so hard to kill?

7. Why do kids not hear their parents when they’re standing a foot away, but they can hear the tiniest sound of candy wrapper from the opposite end of the house?

8. Why are people more willing to clean up for company than for family (you know, the family that LIVES here)?

9. Why does it appear that laundry reproduces when we aren’t looking?

10. Where did the years go?