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Watching Commercials – and Earning?

Watching Commercials – and Earning?

Yes, it is possible. I have only recently joined (it’s free to join!) so I haven’t made money yet, but I know someone who has, so I know it really works. It’s Varolo – which is set up to help advertisers AND consumers, by allowing consumers to watch advertisements when they want to, and advertisers know that their ads are being seen by people who are interested in watching them.

It helps me if you sign up with my link, and once you are signed up, your friends can join with your link, which will help you.

On average, you can watch about 10 minutes a day of advertisements (if you watch TV, you see more than that already – why not watch THESE instead and earn money for it?).

It seems to me like a can’t-miss sort of way to get some extra pocket money.