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Megamaxx Console Game

Megamaxx Console Game

So we gave Nate a phone for his 16th birthday. However, we didn’t want it to be too obvious, so we got a “prank box” to put it in. The one we got was for a “Megamaxx console game” (console not included) for doing chores.


It has a link “for more information” on the box – http://www.gamemasterfuntimestorespot.com/store/gaming/electronic/consoles/recreation/brands/megamaxx/2009models/extremechores/itemnumber4314B –
which doesn’t actually go anywhere. (That’s part of why I’m blogging this — so a Google search might actually find something about it 😀 )

Inside that, I had a box (also wrapped) that contained a bag of chips covering another wrapped item – the phone.

I put a Minions birthday background on it and set it up with a “Happy Birthday” ringtone. We called it after he got it out of the box.

I also took him to the Department of Motor Vehicles to try for his driver’s permit this afternoon, after lunch at Subway.

He passed. 🙂