FYI: Craig cmp741e tablet reset information

FYI: Craig cmp741e tablet reset information

We had a customer who had purchased a 7″ tablet – a Craig cmp741e – and whose grandchild had entered a pattern password and then could not remember it. She was looking for a way to reset it. We searched all over the internet, including Craig’s site, to no avail.

We have just been called back with the proper procedure by this customer. She said that one must simply insert an SD card, then power on, and the tablet will be reset. It will not do it without the SD card.

I hope this helps someone else out there!

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  1. Just FYI, that does not work. If it worked for you, I would be interested in knowing more detail.


  2. SM, I didn’t try it, but I assumed the customer had and it worked for her. Sorry it didn’t work for you 🙁 If you can figure out how to get it to work, I’d love it if you’d come back and post how!

  3. Let’s look at this with simple logic! How often do you think a user will remember to remove the SD card before powering off the tablet? And what will happen when the tablet is powered back on? Of course it won’t work!
    If it does reset the password every time it is powered on with a SD card in it there would not be any security at all!

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