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February Update Letter

Hey, people!

There really hasn’t been a lot to talk about this month, even though I feel like it has been a very busy month. I hope your February has been calmer and more relaxing than mine!

The picture at left was drawn by our very talented Rachel. She has been improving by leaps and bounds! I think she could have a real future in art.

I was blessed with a trip to visit my family in South Carolina for my birthday on the 19th. At right, you see Sarah and my parents’ neighbor twins watching Papa Dusty show them something. She really did well this time, and was not scared of Papa at all. I got to spend some time with just my mom, too, which we haven’t done in a long time. It was, as always, too short a trip, but still pretty nice. I also enjoyed some time with my brother and his family, and we were able to stop by and visit my stepmom on the way home, for a few minutes.

All in all, it’s been a nice month! God bless you and yours as well!


I’ve always enjoyed board games of all types. Once computers became more common, I enjoyed computer games as well. And now, I have both. I have games like Scrabble, Boggle, and Chess on the computer. Talk about the best of both worlds!

I have my computer back!

My laptop fell and the power cord broke. I have been without my computer for two weeks or so. I am so glad to have it back!!


With nothing to say, still yet I’ll say it;
With nothing to offer, no wisdom for you.
With nothing of use and nothing of value,
Still from my fingers flow letters of blue.

My brain is so clouded, I haven’t a thought
Of any good knowledge or news here to tell.
I think that it’s bedtime or else, maybe, downtime
And I shall enjoy it so wonderfully well.


Sarah decided to throw a toy. While the action was intentional, the result was not. It hit me, right next to my right eye. I think this is the first time I have cried like that over an injury in years. Nice little lump (I put ice on it), but I suspect it is going to hurt for a few days!

There’s no place like home!

We spent the weekend (and my 40th birthday!) in South Carolina with my family — I had a great time, but I’m glad to be home!

Missed a day!

Rats! and I was doing so well. Sigh.

Say what??

Bobby bought some IBC Creme Soda. John Luke saw it and eagerly asked him, “Can I have a beer?!” LOL! And just for the record, he has neither had, nor even SEEN beer in this house!

Algebra II – ack!

I never took more than algebra I… and Bobby is now in algebra II and I am totally lost. He’s doing slope intercept stuff and it’s all Greek to me!

Song Musings

Did you know that the lyrics to “The King and I” by Mosie Lister are nearly impossible to find online? At least, I was unable to find them. We learned it in our church choir. I thought that it seemed an odd, not-exactly-pleasant way to end the song – its chorus, that is. It says, “How He could care for me will always be a mystery. He holds the whole world in His hands, but what am I? And so my heart somehow can’t help but wonder why we’re together, the King and I.”
The thing is, there’s no resolution. What kind of a song ends with disbelief? It seems *wrong* to me. And, so, I have “rewritten” part of the last chorus, in my head, so that it resolves. My version is, “…and so my heart is filled with love and wonder that we’re together, the King and I!”

Schedule / Routine

We are in the process of trying to hammer out a workable schedule and/or routine to help keep the house running smoothly. It’s pretty easy to MAKE one – not so easy to FOLLOW it.

Of course, this is happening with the knowledge that it will be moot for a few days this weekend, at least, because we have other things planned that will interfere with a regular schedule, but at least it’s a start, right?

Potty Training

Potty training has more-or-less begun. Sarah is interested in NOT wearing a diaper. She isn’t *quite* interested in making sure she makes it to the toilet yet. But it’s a start – and she *has* gone in the toilet a few times!

Friday with Friends

Our friends came over tonight and we celebrated four birthdays – two from January that we were unable to celebrate together at the time, and two that are coming up in a little over a week for which we will be unable to be together. It was fun!

Thankful Thursday

Top Ten Things for which I am Thankful:

  • My family
  • My faith
  • My home
  • My church
  • My friends
  • My computer
  • My cars
  • The Bible
  • Occasional cash
  • Laughter

A new driver in the house!

I can now send my oldest on errands without having to go along! Yay!

Learning a new language

Starting tonight, for the next five weeks, the oldest four of us are learning American Sign Language. I intend to teach it to the younger four as we learn. Tonight was very good. It was a “getting to know you” session, and we learned the basic letters and numbers, along with basic greetings and replies. The teacher is very personable! With four of us in the class (plus another person – a friend we know well who goes to our church), we expect to be able to practice sufficiently to learn it well.

Furniture blessing!

Our bed has had a horrible dip in one side for a long time (over a year, at least). My husband has been kind enough to keep it on his side of the bed, since I usually have a little on my side; however, this means he has slept uncomfortably, and has often had soreness in his back.

Well, today, we were blessed with a hand-me-down but still in excellent shape queen-sized bed! It has a pillowtop and our friends also gave us sheets, a foam topper, and a mattress pad! We are delighted and very grateful.

Shame on Google!

I know that Google can do whatever they please, but when they put up special graphics for the creator of Popeye and totally ignore the 100th anniversary of the birth of Ronald Reagan – one of the greatest Presidents the United States of America ever had – there is something wrong, in my opinion!!

Saturday? Really?

This week has been all convoluted! Yesterday felt more like a Tuesday; today has definitely not felt like a Saturday! Part of it is probably the fact that we haven’t had any company this weekend.

I think I need to figure out some sort of solid routine for my household. I think having a routine that includes certain things on certain days might help keep our days straight around here. And, I think I need to make it where we can have company more often (or at least more regularly), as I miss the hospitality with which I was raised.

A major part of that is going to be decluttering (about which I have been talking for years – but have made little progress). I need to learn to hold the *things* of life loosely, instead of being so attached to everything that doesn’t really matter in the long run.

Wii Fit Plus

My husband got me a Wii Fit Plus for my upcoming birthday (by my request). While I haven’t really done enough yet to see real *results*, I do like that I can get exercise and it’s FUN! I love the Baby Stats that I can use to keep up with Sarah’s growth, too. Best birthday present EVER!

(Timmy, Robert, Rachel, Dawn, Bobby, John Luke, Nate, Sarah)