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June Update Letter

June Update Letter

Isn’t it hot this summer? We enjoyed the cooler weather but are now enduring the heat of a typical southern summer. I am so thankful for air conditioning! We have had a few very nice days, though, for which I am grateful!

At the end of May, we took a trip to Fort Smith, AR, and Poteau, OK, where we visited “old home places” and friends, and attended my niece’s wedding. Rachel was allowed to borrow a gorgeous dress that was hanging in the closet of the house in which we stayed. It fit her perfectly!

On Sunday, we attended church where the house was located, and fellowshipped with the people there. Sarah Ruth was just starting to be proficient with walking and she was a charmer!

Monday, Memorial Day, we headed home. What should have been a 10 hour trip took longer both ways – on the way there, we had to change a tire that was showing belt; and on the way home, we stopped to visit a friend for an hour, and then also had another two tires that had to be replaced because they had worn out! The friends we stopped to visit with were people I hadn’t met in person previously, but we have a lot in common. Our last names begin with “H” and our first names are “Dawn” and we both have daughters named “Sarah” and “Rachel” that are about the same ages!
Rachels and Sarahs

About the middle of June, we rearranged the living room to make our entryway a bit more open. I really like it a lot better this way! Bobby likes it, too, since he has a little “room” of his own in the corner.

JL and Sarah in the pool
I found a good deal on a washable “swim diaper” for Sarah Ruth, so I got one in her current size and one in the next size up. This was her first time wearing it – in our little pool in the back yard. Obviously, she enjoyed it! She loves water – in the pool or in the bath!

God bless you until next time!