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Positives and Negatives

Positives and Negatives

My 4-year-old, John Luke, has an interesting habit. When I ask him a negatively-worded question, he answers differently than most of us.

For example, I might ask him, “Are your shoes not in the shelf where they belong?” Most of us, if the shoes were NOT there, would say, “No,” in agreement that the shoes were NOT in the shelf. John Luke will say, more accurately, “Yes! My shoes are not in the shelf.”

I wonder if that means he is an optimist? Or if he is just more accurate? πŸ˜‰

March Update Letter

March Update Letter

I seem to be getting later and later with the monthly updates! Sorry about that. I hope you are doing well!

On February 19th, I turned 39! (I’ve finally caught up with Jack Benny :D) We celebrated with our friends (he turned 43 on the 21st). We actually put 39 and 43 candles on the cakes! And Robby got relighting candles, besides! It was fun, and the smoke alarm DIDN’T go off.

Toward the end of February, Bobby finally got something he’s been wanting for almost two years: a motorcycle! He also got a license to go with it, and has now gained some independence. I like being able to send him to the grocery for me without having to get out myself! It’s very
convenient! πŸ™‚

We took advantage of a nice day to go to the park. We only stayed about 15 minutes, but the kids really enjoyed it! And it was good timing, because a few days later, March 2nd, we got enough SNOW for the kids to make several snowmen in the yard!
The same day, Rachel turned redhead, thanks to henna (an all natural plant dye). It really suits her, I think!

Here, she is sharing her music (mp3 player) with Sarah Ruth, who loves listening to music. She likes to hold the ear-bud up to her ear herself, too!

On March 6, we went to a “robot carnival” in Gadsden that advertised they would have “Star Wars people” there for their grand opening day. We figured it would be fun, so we went. The robot displays were not that great – they were mostly mechanical arms – but we had a blast getting pictures with the Star Wars people.

They even had a Darth Vader! John Luke said hi to him when he first saw him (at a distance!) but wasn’t so thrilled about him when he was close up!

On March 13th, we had friends here that have 10 children, making a total of 16 children and 4 adults here! It was a lot of fun!

And, of course, I must end with an adorable photo of Sarah Ruth!

The Flowering Cross by Beth Ryan

The Flowering Cross by Beth Ryan

The Flowering Cross is a beautiful children’s story about how a little girl’s love impacts a crochety old man’s heart for Christ. It tells how a family’s service to a neighbor showed him the love of God.

This is a light, sweet story, geared to children of all ages. When we received this book from Thomas Nelson publishers via BookSneeze, I immediately read it to my 1-year-old, who was sitting in my lap already. Shortly thereafter, I was required to re-read it for the 4-year-old. It’s also thought-provoking in several ways. I like the little application bits (they call them “Faith Imprints”) scattered throughout the book, that offer suggestions to help your child understand what the story is illustrating (such as “Share how Katie’s family loved their neighbor.” – which is speaking of *active* love, not *emotional* love). The illustrations by Renee Graef add dimension and interest.

If you want a nice, thoughtful and faith-based book for your children for Easter, this would be an excellent choice. You can get a copy at or Barnes & Noble, among others.

Lasagna – the veggie way!

Lasagna – the veggie way!

OK, so we like lasagna. However, since we have been trying to eat modified-McDougall, we decided to adjust it a little. And this is NOT, by the way, a McDougall-friendly recipe, but it also isn’t quite as bad as “real” lasagna.

Saturday, I boiled 10 pounds of chicken. I used part of it in chicken pot pie (that recipe will be posted next time I make it, so I can include pictures πŸ™‚ ), and part of it in tonight’s lasagna, and the rest will be used in sandwiches for lunch tomorrow. The broth was used to cook the lasagna noodles, and the remainder will go in the freezer for soup sometime in the future.

So, anyway. I deboned the chicken; Rachel cooked the noodles. I put noodles in the pan, followed by a layer of chicken pieces, a layer of frozen mixed vegetables, a layer of cottage cheese, a layer of spaghetti sauce, and topped with some more noodles. Since my large pan was unavailable, I ended up using two smaller pans, which worked out well since one was then made with more vegetables, less chicken, and no cottage cheese (for Rachel, mainly, who isn’t supposed to have cheese). Then I covered them with foil and baked at 350F for about 30 minutes (mainly to heat things through).

Here’s the result (after we’d already eaten – I forgot to take a picture when it came out of the oven!) :
The larger one with cheese
(The larger one, with cheese)

The smaller, cheeseless one
(The smaller, cheeseless one)

It didn't really *slice*
(It didn’t really *slice* — and that’s Nate’s smile πŸ™‚ )

A little of both kinds
(Rae’s plate – a little of both kinds because it just isn’t lasagna without cheese! Although the non-cheese one tasted delicious, even without cheese πŸ™‚ )

Even Sarah loved it!
Even Sarah loved it!

John Luke didn't want to be left out ;-)
John Luke didn’t want to be left out πŸ˜‰