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Beautiful Mess: The Story of Diamond Rio (with Tom Roland)

Beautiful Mess: The Story of Diamond Rio (with Tom Roland)

Beautiful Mess is the story of the band Diamond Rio, starting with each member’s story from a child up, and finishing with “where they are now,” and including their rise to fame, triumphs and struggles in the middle. It is a comprehensive look at six different (very different!) men and how they became not only a group, but a wonderfully committed, thoroughly bonded group of family men.

I’ve never been a country music fan, nor very up-to-date on CCM, so I had never heard of Diamond Rio before receiving this book from Thomas Nelson publishers to review. Nevertheless, the book was well written and even as an introduction to the band, it was an engaging read and enjoyable. Each man in the band had a unique story, and other than music, they had little in common before joining the band together. Nevertheless, their music and their faith cemented their bond. I loved seeing how they supported each other through thick and thin (and there was plenty of both!), and how they worked together throughout the many years during which they sang together.

If you like reading the story behind the music, this is an excellent book for you! You can get a copy at

February Update Letter

February Update Letter

Greetings! I hope this update finds you well and happy!

Nate's Cake

Nathaniel turned 10 last month! It’s hard to believe he’s in double-digits already! We had a small party with his paternal grandparents and a family we see often. He was thrilled with the Playmobil castle set I was able to find on sale for him.


Robby was chosen to be a deacon at our church, and was ordained on the 24th of January. It is an honor and a responsibility!

Sarah and Cake

On the 28th, we celebrated another birthday, of our friends’ son, who turned 9. Sarah Ruth greatly enjoyed her piece of cake!

She loves to look at books, and if handed a pencil and paper, she will hold the pencil “properly” and “write” on the paper! It’s neat to watch her.

JANUARY 31, 2010

At the beginning of February, John Luke decided to cut his own hair again. Thankfully, Mammaw was able to trim it so that it didn’t look terrible.

Dawn and Sarah

Rachel took this picture of me and Sarah.

Nathaniel got baptized this month, also. He was able to be baptized by his Pawpaw, so that was a special event!

God bless!