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John Luke

John Luke

He has such cute pronunciations! His “pr” comes out “cr” and his “br” comes out “gr” … so his paintings are “cretty” (pretty) and he might have used the color “grown” (brown)… too cute! 🙂



I found out today that most of the “confirmed” cases of H1N1 – aren’t. MOST places are testing for influenza, and if it tests positive for Type A (the most common), they are ASSUMING H1N1 (which is a SUBSET of Type A, and NOT as common), instead of being *sure*. Therefore, the numbers they are reporting ARE NOT ACCURATE.

Just a heads-up.

October Update Letter

October Update Letter

Here’s the bulk of the letter I used to update the grandparents this month:

Sarah Ruth has grown taller, and her feet easily reach the floor when she’s in her walker now. We even had to move it up a notch! She’s also working hard at trying to crawl. She has started babbling “Mamamamama” but it seems to translate to “I want attention! Pick me up!” and is usually aimed at her daddy instead of me!

We have embarked on a new healthy eating regimen. We are following the guidelines of Dr. John McDougall (mostly) – which means no sugar, no refined flour, low fat. It’s starch-based and high fiber. Unlike a lot of the “diets named after people” and famous diets, the creators of this one LOOK very healthy in their photos, and their information makes a lot of sense. They approach issues by addressing the *root* of the problem instead of the symptoms.

We were able to take a couple field trips in September.

First, we went to the Sci-Quest science museum in Huntsville. It’s a hands-on museum where the children got to touch and handle (and try out) things that helped learn some scientific concepts. We were able to get a membership, so we plan to go again when it is less crowded (we went on a special day so there were a lot of people there).

Then we went again to the Tennessee Aquarium. (We had already been in August with the church. We purchased a family membership at that time so we can go back without additional cost for a year.) We only went through the River Journeys building this time (that’s the one with the butterflies, penguins, and jellyfish). We plan to go again to go back through the Ocean Journeys building (seahorses, alligators, etc) later in the year. It’s nice to be able to take our time and enjoy the exhibits. I was also able to print off some “bonus material” from the internet so that we could enhance the learning experience.

Starting about 4 years ago, I decided to make each of the children a quilt for their 13th birthdays. They have so far all been denim pieced tops (someone just before then had given me a huge bag of old jeans) and tied instead of actually quilted because of the thickness of the jean material. Timmy’s top is done, but I haven’t even started putting together the front and back, and I only have 24 days left in which to finish! He chose a neat striped material for the back. I’ll post pictures when I get it done. 🙂

John Luke is already excited about HIS birthday, and he still has over a month to go! He’s a sweet little man. He loves people to read to him, and he likes to scribble (he doesn’t really like “staying in the lines” unless he *has* to). He likes color. He also likes to cut with scissors, so I will sometimes print something from the internet for him to cut. He also has a couple learning games that he plays online (learning phonics and sight-reading).

Rachel has been doing a lot of crocheting, still! Her horse (I sent the picture in the last letter) won FIRST PLACE (and $5!) in the county fair! 😀 We were thrilled! She has since made a fun lap-blanket and a hippo, and is starting to try a little dress for Sarah Ruth.

Bobby is learning Japanese on his own and also working to learn computer programming. He’s talking about going to college in a couple years for a computer science degree.

Nathaniel is still distractible and artistic. He’s doing pretty well with his school this year, though, so I think he’s learning to focus a little bit better. Perhaps the diet change is helping him, also.

Robby has been keeping busy, which is good! We had one customer who “tipped” him with vegetables from their garden, which was wonderful! There were tomatoes, banana peppers, green bell peppers, okra and jalapenos. The only thing I wasn’t too sure about was the okra, for which I haven’t really developed a liking.

God bless you and keep you.

Learning about the human body

Learning about the human body

No, I’m not taking anatomy lessons. I’m doing research based on issues that have cropped up here.

First, a few years ago, I learned about how the gall bladder works – its function in the body. I found that the gall bladder is to the body what the oil filter is to a car, and bile is to the gall bladder what oil is to the oil filter. The bile cleans out the fat-related toxins (the “dirt in the oil”). Then there’s fiber. Soluble fiber binds to the bile and takes it out of the body. When one does not eat enough soluble fiber, the bile (and the toxins it contains) are reabsorbed and taken back to the gall bladder, where eventually the toxins form sludge, then stones.
However, there is good news! When one eats enough soluble fiber, the whole situation can be reversed! As the fiber removes bile, new bile is made. This new bile is clean, with no toxins, and it dilutes the toxin-filled bile. The more new bile, the cleaner the whole of the bile gets, even breaking down stones and removing sludge, until the gall bladder is once again working at optimum levels.

My newest research has been on diabetes (specifically, type 2). I learned that one of insulin’s main functions is to push fat into the fat cells, to be stored for the future when there is no food (which is unlikely to happen anytime soon for most people in the USA). Eventually, the fat cells reach a saturation point. God set it up so that when this happens, the cells’ insulin receptors begin to resist. This is to keep us from becoming 1000 pounds. (Those who DO get that big, usually have something that “went wrong” that allowed the insulin to continue working.) This is known in the medical community as “insulin resistance.” They treat this as a disease, but it is actually SUPPOSED to happen! The problem isn’t the receptors, which are working as God designed. The problem is the continued improper ingestion of the body’s owner. The body has to “reject” calories, and so it begins to push the excess glucose into the kidneys to be processed and removed. Eventually the kidneys cannot keep up, and, like a dam overwhelmed, the glucose spills over into the urine. At this point, they diagnose Type II diabetes.

Most of the time, they will then “treat” the symptom (because Type II diabetes is NOT a disease! It is the body working as it was designed, and is actually a SYMPTOM) with medicines that make the insulin work again to push fat into the (already overloaded) fat cells. That is why many – maybe most – Type II diabetics gain weight when they begin the medication.

So how does one cure the disease that causes Type II diabetes? Well, it isn’t really a disease at all! The whole thing can be fixed by eating properly (avoid sugar and refined foods, and make meats and dairy *treats* instead of *regular fare*) and exercising. The loss of weight one experiences by following this sort of lifestyle will cause the symptoms to lessen, and eventually disappear, because the fat cells will cease to be overloaded and insulin’s function will once again be able to work properly.