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Looking at learning styles

Looking at learning styles

I am reading a book about homeschooling, in which it talks about learning the learning style of one’s students (children). So I found several quizzes online to help discover these, and on one of them (though it typifies all of them, pretty much), my result was:

Your result for Howard Gardner’s Eight Types of Intelligence Test …

14% Logical, 41% Spatial, 71% Linguistic, 18% Intrapersonal, 20% Interpersonal, 29% Musical, 6% Bodily-Kinesthetic and 41% Naturalistic!

I’m finding this very interesting. My children definitely have different learning styles. I hope to be able to use this information to help them *enjoy* learning.



I do update letters for the grandparents, and it just occurred to me that I could post them here, too. Don’t know why I didn’t think of it before. So here goes!

It’s time for another update! 🙂

SarahSarah Ruth is 5 months old already! She is sitting well, though she still can’t get herself into a sitting position. She does roll, and reaches for things, and of course anything she can grab goes to the mouth!

John Luke is doing some preschool stuff this year—we got him a neat set of wooden letters that came with some word boards, which he loves, and a set of alphabet blocks also. I got him a beginning phonics book, but I think he isn’t quite ready for it yet. Meanwhile, I continue counting with him and reading to him, and letting him watch educational videos and play educational games.

We have started school with the children and they are doing well with it so far, with mostly As in the first two weeks. We don’t hesitate to have them re-do things if the grade is too low, either 🙂 so they’re likely to keep an A average overall.

PianoWe have been blessed with an upright piano! It is a very nice one that a church no longer needed due to purchasing a newer, smaller one. We cleared a place for it in the living room and plan to restart lessons for the children in the near future.

We have been trying to eat more healthy in recent weeks (partly due to shopping for new life insurance, but mostly due to wanting to be more healthy) and have discovered we like things we hadn’t really tried before, like eggplant. We also have customers that have gardens who are kind enough to share, so we have had fresh tomatoes, peppers, yellow squash, and other things this year. I hope to have a garden next year. I keep saying that, but maybe this year I’ll make it a reality!

HorseRachel has been crocheting for fun, and has made several very cute stuffed toys—without patterns! – such as the horse at left. She also made a snake, a turtle, and a mouse. She is so creative!

We are enjoying the cooler weather we have been having here, and hope you are having nice weather as well! God bless you!