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Self Control

Self Control

I read somewhere that self-control is “knowing I can, but choosing NOT to.” I think this is a very good definition! That said, I have been sorely lacking in self-control as it relates to healthy diet.

I have a touchy gall bladder (although it really isn’t, if I eat properly), and have recently been choosing to enjoy fatty sweets (my downfall most of the time) instead of choosing to forego them in the interest of health.

I know this is a problem. Too often they are things I have purchased myself and consumed with the knowledge that they are not healthy.

I need to exercise self-control.

Boy, am I behind… again.

Boy, am I behind… again.

Of course, I have good reason! Sarah Ruth is now a little over 3 months old and prefers to be upright, which means someone has to hold her, and I usually take care of that job 😉

John Luke is also needing more supervision these days, as he, at 3.5, has decided he can do all kinds of things, and therefore must be in charge of himself. Needless to say, this tends to mean messes if not headed off!

Nate is maturing and can be a great help when he wants to… the trick is getting him to WANT to.

Timmy continues to be artistic and creative, although sometimes that translates to finding interesting ways to get out of doing work. LOL

Rachel is a wonderful cook, and can make delicious, delectable dishes without a recipe. She amazes me!

Bobby’s most recent obsession is a game level editor for one of the games he likes. He has been creating fascinating boards. Very neat.

Robert has been keeping ridiculously busy (which is good in most ways).

I… well, I’m just me.