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Welcome, Baby!

Our newest daughter, Sarah, was born 3/27 at 5:19pm. She weighed in at 10 pounds, 1 ounce, and was 22″ long. We are delighted with her!

You can see pictures in the gallery and on her page 🙂

Oh, yummy!

For about a week now, I’ve been wanting barbecue ribs. A few days ago, we bought some beef ribs and some barbecue sauce, but they just weren’t *right*.

Today while my husband was at Walmart, he noticed that the deli now makes barbecue ribs! He bought some and brought them home. THEY really hit the spot!! Delicious!!


I was thinking about drawers and what wonderful/awful things they are. See, a shelf that is 1‘x4’ gives you 4 square feet of “stuff space”… but a DRAWER that is 1‘x4′(x1’) gives you 4 CUBIC feet of “stuff space” … usually at least DOUBLES what you can fit in there. It’s a great thing for a packrat like me! (And, yet, it’s a terrible thing for a packrat like me… all that extra STUFF…)


I had a dr appt today (see Sarah’s page), after six hours of 4-minutes-apart contractions… with no real progress.

I comfort myself that I can at least get more done around here, and it won’t be more than four more weeks, for sure!