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Feb 16 again…

Happy birthday to my friend Cheryl, wherever she is 🙂 One day, maybe she’ll see this.

Tuesday, February 10

Our friends came over and helped us redo our living room, kitchen, and hallway floors! Now instead of horrible beige can’t-get-clean carpet, we have beautiful wood-look vinyl (waterproof, too!) floors!

Closeup of the laid floor

Closeup of the laid floor

We are very grateful for this much-needed change!

February… wow

So I was looking at my ticker and it says “48 days to go” … WOW! 48 days does not seem long enough to get done with everything I want to do before Sarah arrives. On the other hand, if I make a point to NOT procrastinate, then it is very possible, though ambitious. And more so if I can manage to get the kids to cooperate, too.