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So, we’ve found this stuff called XanGo. My sister-in-law and family found out about it first, and she was telling us about how much better she’s been feeling, and what a difference it had made. She had my mom-in-law try it.

Now, Mom has had trouble with her feet for many years, including several surgeries. After a couple weeks using XanGo, she actually can walk without pain! So we decided to try it.

My husband has several health issues. One thing for sure is that his blood pressure has been just above the “borderline” line (on those machines at Walmart and places like that) for as long as I’ve known him (over 17 years now)… and after one WEEK using XanGo, his blood pressure was down well below the line.

I have been using it, as well, and we ran out earlier in the week. During the few days we didn’t use it, I realized that my knees (with which I’ve had problems overnight at times, with some pretty severe pain) hadn’t been hurting at all (and yesterday, they DID again… and today we are back on XanGo).

So what is this amazing substance? It’s a very expensive juice, from a fruit called mangosteen, that is sold primarily in a multi-level-marketing scheme. Yeah, like Amway… but so much better. Because it isn’t *about* selling. It’s about health. It’s about feeling better than ever. And it isn’t a requisite to “sign up” – you can buy it without signing up. But if one signs up and tells others, it is *possible* to get to a point where commissions pay for the juice one uses, so it’s just kind of a side benefit, in my opinion. We’re going to use it anyway, so we may as well be helping the people in our “upline” (which include Mom and my sister-in-law… so why not?).

We have a page set up at … and of course a search on XanGo is sure to turn up information. No pressure… I’m not a pressure kind of person… but I am pretty impressed with this stuff, and it’s just fruit juice.

Ok, that’s my sales pitch for today ::giggle::