Love in the house?

Love in the house?

I didn’t *mean* to. I knew better. But he got my goat and I did it anyway – I yelled at my son.

The windows were open.

The neighbor who already thinks poorly of us was sitting out on her front porch – directly across the street from my open window.

Now, *I* know that my son & I apologized to each other… but SHE doesn’t.

Our unloving words flew across the street and into her ears… but the softer, loving ones did not.


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  1. Hmmm….sounds perty tame compared to most surburban drama though methinks. I”M sure things cleared up as most family arguments do and most people assume that as well. *hugs*

  2. we all fail sometimes. dont bang yourself up to much about it. she most likely still wouldnt like you even if she hadnt overheard. some people are just like that. ((((dawn)))

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