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I’ve noticed that several people’s children end up taller than their parents. People say that is common. It seems to me, however, that it must go in cycles, because otherwise we’d all be ten feet tall (or more)… don’t you think?

Voting for who?

Voting for who?

You know, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

I hear people say, “I really like This Candidate… his platform is great, his stand on these issues match mine… he’s an ideal candidate! BUT… This Candidate doesn’t have a chance of winning, so I’m voting for Popular Candidate instead.”

If EVERYONE I’ve heard say that would vote for This Candidate, he WOULD have a chance of winning! A very GOOD chance.


“12 Blogs of Christmas” Entry

“12 Blogs of Christmas” Entry
  1. How many children do you have / homeschool?
  2. I have five children. The youngest is only 2, so while he is, technically, always learning (just like most homeschoolers!), he isn’t considered one of the school-age children yet.

  3. How long have you been homeschooling?
  4. I have been homeschooling my children all their lives. My oldest is 14.5.

  5. Have they always been homeschooled, or did they ever go to public/private school?
  6. Always been homeschooled.

  7. Do you plan on homeschooling until graduation?
  8. Yes, that is the plan.

  9. Do you belong to a co-op?
  10. Not really. I belong to a couple yahoo groups but they aren’t in the same town so we don’t usually get to participate in their stuff.

  11. Do you school all year long, or use some other schedule?
  12. We usually take a break from formal schooling in the summer, but we learn all the time.

  13. Do you use textbooks only, or do you like to supplement with other materials?
  14. Well. Right now we’re using Switched-On Schoolhouse, but of course we will read, watch, or do whatever catches our interest.

  15. Are field trips included in your school plans, or are they just family time?
  16. Both!

  17. Do you and your kids do crafty stuff together for school time?
  18. Not usually, though I am considering adding art.

  19. Would you consider everyday household life stuff ‘home ec’?
  20. Yep, definitely!

  21. Do you have any advice for new homeschoolers?
  22. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of experienced homeschoolers. We’re always glad to share our experiences. If it isn’t working, don’t be afraid to change it.

  23. Do you have advice for homeschoolers with little ones under foot?
  24. It doesn’t hurt a big to have dedicated time with a little… and sometimes videos are a good thing! Especially educational-but-fun ones like LeapFrog!

(from TN Mom with 3 kids’ blog)

Welcome to December.

Welcome to December.

Well, I haven’t started out this month on a very good note. Between bank account issues and child-training issues and DOG-training issues and personal stuff, I’ve been a depressed and unpleasant person with which to live. Had one of those weekends where I’d’ve liked nothing better than to abdicate.

But, since that wouldn’t solve anything, I’ve stuck it out. Such as it is.

Good thing God is in charge, because I sure do foul things up.