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Current favorite Christmas song:

“Penguin, James Penguin” by Brad Paisley. If you haven’t heard it, and if you don’t mind ‘silly’ songs – this is so cute! “Penguin, James Penguin, that dapper little guy…”

What year is it?

It’s weird. Most years, people write the previous year on paperwork for weeks, if not months. But I’ve seen more than just me trying to put “2008” on stuff for several weeks now! I wonder why we’re so eager to get to 2008?

What holiday food are you?

You Are a Gingerbread House

A little spicy and a little sweet, anyone would like to be lost in the woods with you.

We’re offering a reward.

To our children. For excellence. I only hope they earn it!

Getting ready for Thanksgiving.

Beside the food, which will be ready tomorrow, and the housecleaning, which is in progress… we were challenged by our pastor to make a list of things for which we are thankful.

It would take WAY too long to do a totally comprehensive list, but I will name a sampling:

  1. My family – past, present, and future (parents, spouse, children)
  2. Good friends with whom to fellowship
  3. The house in which I live
  4. The plethora of books I am blessed to have
  5. The furniture which, while it is second-hand, provides us a place to sit, lay down, or work
  6. The business that by God’s will has provided for us since we started it
  7. A vehicle that gets us where we need to go
  8. Nice clothes to wear
  9. Plenty of good food to eat
  10. A little money left over at the end of the month occasionally

Dream this morning

We were taking a trip – a tour – on a train. We pulled into a beach town, where the train stopped briefly. We asked the driver if we could get off here and explore a bit, and catch the train again when it came back through (and how long would that be?) and the driver shrugged and said, Sure, whatever. So we got off and wandered about a bit. It was late at night and most things were closed, and we got tired of walking around. We were looking for a particular kind of shop (though I don’t remember *what* kind) and realized that the driver hadn’t told us when the train would be back, so we headed back to the station instead. As we neared the station, we saw the train (it was a white one; the others were gray and black) pulling in. It had stopped when we got there, but it was too close to the wall on the near side, so I went around the back (Bob climbed over) to get to the other side. There was a train on the other side that was still moving, so we had to wait until it stopped. We followed the train into the station, only to find it was parked by the wall and the driver was nowhere to be found. We (trying not to panic at being stranded) found the people in charge of the station and asked about the train. They looked in their records and said that ______ company was in charge of it. [It was an actual company, but I’m not saying the name here because of the next part.] We rolled our eyes and nodded, saying that the ________ company was one of our customers and we’ve had nothing but problems with them [which, by the way, is NOT true in real life, which is why I’m not naming the company!].


Changed up my theme

for the first time in years … but I really like this one!

A new addition!

Didn’t matter to me, but Rae is delighted, and John Luke is spellbound…

Sam - our redbone coonhound

Offended by “Christmas”?

Me, either.

This guy makes some GREAT points… about Christmas and holidays!

Smart bird!

This bird is very smart! Watch and see!

6 month checkup

Today is the children’s 6-month dental cleaning/checkup. I hope it all goes well so we won’t have a bunch more appointments!

JL is also having his first dental appointment; I hope it goes well, too, even though I know he will need work.


I like dreams (most of the time). One can do things in dreams that are impossible in real life. One can experience things in dreams that are unlikely or impossible in real life. Yeah, they’re unrealistic. Yes, they don’t always make sense. Nevertheless… I like ’em.