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Would you help me win?

I can win an ebay gift certificate if enough people will follow this link and register…

I think you don’t have to *do* anything with it, and it’s FREE…

It’s a ‘referral’ thing…

Finally feeling better

some, anyway. I’m not up to par yet, but I’m better.

A slight “bonus” – I’m at 214.8 (weight) … down from 222… since being sick. Definitely NOT the best way to lose weight (especially when pregnant) but, I may as well enjoy it anyway!

I hate being sick.

I spent much of yesterday sneezing, but was hoping it was just allergies. Well, apparently, no such luck. Things got progressively worse last night and my whole head feels like it would feel better if it could just explode. Wahh, whine, sniffle.

GREAT deal at the grocery!

I went to see about getting stuff for wraps for dinner … I was looking for chicken. The store to which I went had boneless, skinless chicken breasts in the case. Tyson brand were 2.69/lb. Next to them in the case were some other packages, for $1.69/lb. I looked back and forth, trying to figure out why the difference. Looking closer at the less expensive one, I saw that it was labeled “antibiotic free” and “100% organic”!! I moved some around. One… ONE… was marked $5.69/lb. I suspect that was the *real* price.

I bought all they had of the 1.69 ones!

My older two and I decluttered laundry and took it to the laundromat to get it all done at once… I had slacked a bit and we got WAY behind. It took 12 washers (including three triple-load and five double-load washers) and five huge dryers to get it all done.

The pros of this:
ALL the laundry (except what we’re wearing) is clean!
The laundromat has a Centipede arcade game that is 25ยข/play … too bad the high scores reset often, as my eldest son and I get the high scores every time we play!

OB appt today

All went well.. baby’s heartbeat is 160. I need to keep an eye on my sugar intake, as it was a bit high in the bloodwork last week.

CPS – read before calling!

If ever you have thought, “CPS should be called on that family!” … read this before you pick up the phone. CPS is NOT all it’s cracked up to be, by a long shot!

Ultrasound today!



Baby measured 11 weeks, and heartbeat was 171 ๐Ÿ™‚