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Yesterday, we went to Lake Winnepesaukah (2-for-1 Coke Friday) and had a great time!

When we got there, first we rode the train around the park. Then Robby put JL on the baby motorcycles while the rest of us went to the Matterhorn (round & round, up & down thingy … sometimes called bobsled something or other)… JL didn’t like it very much… Robby said after the 3rd circle, he started looking a little green. Then he took him on the “Bumblebee” and he seemed to like that one a little better.

Some of the others wanted to go on the Bumblebee, and Bob wanted to go on the parachute ride (which was not very tall, only about 10′), and Robby was going to take JL on the “Free Whale” (miniature pirate ship). I was going to ride with Bob, but couldn’t buckle the seat belt … so I got off and joined Robby & JL. JL & I *did not* do well on that ride. He really disliked it and fussed most of the ride, and my tummy wasn’t feeling well, either. We were both GLAD to get off.

Robby took JL and sat in the shade while Nate and Tim went on the elephants and Bob, Rae & I went on the Genie (standing up ride that goes around and around then raises up). After that, the boys went on the Tilt-a-Whirl. Robby took JL down the big slide, and Rae went down it, too.

We paused for the bathroom and a brief rest before heading for the log flume. The water splash felt good!

After that we walked around to the ‘haunted house’ ride – which is one of our favorites. We pretty much ignore the “decor” and just enjoy the dark & cool. Although I *did* jump when the wall acted like it was going to fall on us. JL liked that one ok.

After that was the merry-go-round for me and the middle 3 (R, T, N) while Robby, Bob & JL sat down in the shade for a bit.

We went around to the Caterpillar (baby roller coaster) and all of us rode that one. We were going to ride the antique cars then, but the line was very long, so we went around to the bumper cars where JL watched his siblings.

While they were in the bumper cars, Robby & I were watching an airplane ride where apparently the rider could control the orientation of the plane in which they were riding. We decided the kids needed to ride that one. Nate wasn’t allowed to ride because he wasn’t quite tall enough. They went on it, but came off less than thrilled!

They then rode another ride with a height limit taller than Nate, though we didn’t see any reason for that limit (but we still didn’t let him ride).

Then, since the Sky Lift was working, we headed for that. However, when we got just about at the ride itself, JL got wiggly and that is NOT a ride on which to have a wiggly 18mo!!!!! so I took him and Nate back down and let the others ride while I nursed JL a tiny bit and then let him walk around a little.

When they came off that, Robby & JL watched Nate & Tim on the Frog Hopper while Bob & Rae & I went to get in line for the Wild Lightning (if you’ve played RCT, it’s a “mouse” roller coaster)… we had to wait a while even though we were at the front of the line, because one of the ‘mice’ was stuck eek4 but that was ok because then Nate & Tim could join us before we got on the ride, so Tim rode with Bob & Rae and Nate rode with me. It was a bit intense for Nate, but he enjoyed it anyway.

Nate rode a lot of stuff, I think, just because he couldn’t last time (2 years ago) and NOT because he *wanted* to!

Then, the Cannonball!! This is the “big” roller coaster. It was AWESOME!!! I could ride it over and over if I had time. The downside – I had to *squeeze* into the seat. I managed, but not easily.

I sat with Robby & JL while the other dc went on the “O-Zone” – a ‘freefall’ ride – and BOB does not like heights! It was SO FUNNY to watch him… he held on for dear life on the way up – was horrified when it let go – and TREMENDOUSLY RELIEVED when it “caught” near the bottom! I wished I’d had a video camera!

After that, we waited nearly an hour to go down the “pipeline” (raft on water slide) because they only had one pipe going instead of two. It was much too short a ride!

Then we went to the antique cars where each child drove their own (even Nate!) and I rode by myself. I felt like it was kind of pointless, and not as much fun as when I rode with a child. I should’ve just ridden with Nate. I had to sit on the other side of the car in order to be able to turn the steering wheel.

Then we left, and went to Ryan’s for dinner, then came home. The dc & I slept all the way home, and Robby was tired, but thankfully didn’t fall asleep!