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*Name Withheld* wrote:

*Name Withheld* wrote:

Note: dh=dear husband, dc=dear child(ren)

actually my dh pointed this out as I was discussing with him the discussion on whether homeschooling was a biblical mandate or not and if you are *in sin* by not homeschooling.

we are to encourage one another to love our dh’s and respect them and to submit to them….and yet, what do we breed in our sister’s hearts when we basically tell them that their dh is in sin by not *doing* something?

We think that there is already a problem in Christian America with women who think they are more spiritually mature than their dh’s. And some might be…..but is it right for us to be discussing things that are going to breed discontentment in women who’s dh’s may not agree? And of course, there is always the question of whether the man is REALLY wrong and in *sin* because so many of these things are NOT clearly defined in scripture. Not trying to start another debate…..

My dh says that he wonders how different our homes would look if women were forced to *just* go to their own dh’s for guidance on these things. Just in general, how many women are not convicted by the Lord, but by other women? And if the issue was presented first to the dh just as a simple question and left it up to him to search, would the *conviction* hold? I mean, a simple question “honey, what do you think God says about thus and such?” not, “well, so and so said the bible says such and such…” Or better yet….don’t even say a word! Pray and ask God that if it is something He wants for our home, for HIM to impress our dh’s without a word from us AT ALL! Wow! Do you believe He can do that? Even if a dh is lost? If your dh is lost, do you believe that God is still Sovereign and can lead you even through your lost dh?

Dh says that most men aren’t in the Word because they don’t have to be. He maintains that it isn’t right, but that women are not giving their men a REASON to be seeking God for the family, because women are seeking other women. I tend to agree….women are very busy in Bible studies, reading books, reading blogs and reading boards. I have to admit, most women I know feel like they already know the answers… why ask? I wonder how many would be surprised to find out their dh’s DON’T necessarily hold the same view, but have just been going along?

Dh thinks many men are intimidated by their wife’s *supposed* spirituality.

Given there are women here who’s dh’s HAVE been the ones to lead in these areas…..but I think if everyone were honest, there are many things in our homes that are in place because of OUR lead, not because we were SILENT and let GOD lead and convict our own dh’s for their OWN home.

I wonder how many dh’s, whether lost or saved, WOULD step up and lead, if they felt like their wives and families NEEDED a leader?

Just some thoughts….at any rate, I think we are gravely wrong to EVER encourage, or cause, a wife to look upon her dh as if he is *less* than she spiritually….in any way. God is sovereign….even a *lost* dh can be won without a word….

Maybe it’s time for us to hush.

I agree with this lady and her husband!

In the course of the discussion (it was on a message board – I got permission to use it), another lady said something along the lines of that would mean we shouldn’t have Ladies’ Sunday School classes or Bible studies. I agree, too, with that. I believe God put the man as head on purpose. I believe the Bible teaches that if a wife has a question about spiritual matters, she is to ask her husband, not her gaggle of friends. Do I always follow that? Sadly, no… but this has made me really think.

One wild dream!

One wild dream!

This has to be the wildest dream I’ve had in a long time!

To start, I was getting dressed to go somewhere to meet some boy. I was living at home… probably 15-16 in the mirror… and we were living in a place we have NEVER lived. Big kitchen, huge freezer (chest type). I was wearing something with a semi-low neckline (something I would NOT have worn at that age) and was trying to find the right necklace to wear with it.

After that, it shifted to an upstairs library of some sort. My parents were there, still, and someone else. A child, but not one of my children. I’m not sure who. We were sneaking through the aisles trying to avoid my dad (in fun, not because we’d be in trouble). We heard him coming and I tried to slide into an empty bottom shelf, only to find that I’m too big. Disappointed, we went back to the aisle where our beds were () and I talked to my mom some before going to bed myself (which actually is something I did often at that age).

Again the scene shifted. Still an upstairs area, but now an attic. I was there with my uncle (I’ll refer to him as “L” as all three of my uncles show up). Uncle L had decided, in the dream – NOT in real life! – to cross-dress. I told him that he was always my favorite uncle – but to not tell the others I said that! It seemed to help him feel better. He was still wearing the wig and the dress when his mom and other brothers (“M” and “K”) came into the room. While they were understandably surprised and probably a little shocked, they got over it quickly and accepted it, though they teased him some.

Scene shift again, to a balcony, where we were all gathered. I can’t recall for sure but I think there was nothing happening in the “main area” below. We were talking and telling jokes and stuff. I was with my Uncle M and we were all going to go to the beach, and we were taking hot air balloons, just to hop over a six-lane highway. M & I got into the balloon, and the poles that attach to the basket came loose and M was holding the balloon and I was in the basket and he and the balloon were getting wrapped around the power lines (why were *they* there?) and I was twirling in circles below and we were desperately trying to get control of them… and he told me to flip the basket up, which I did, and it paused the twirling. Meanwhile, we were totally flummoxed to see that there were *FISH* swimming through the air all around us, just as if it were water!

Then I woke up.

2006 in (blog) Review

2006 in (blog) Review

Got this from StIrene‘s blog:

Year in Review
Go to the FIRST BLOG of each month for the past year.
Copy-n-paste the LAST SENTENCE of each blog.
That is your Year in Review.

January: Tonight he fell asleep on my lap; I laid him in the basket where he continued sleeping; and when I headed for bed, I picked up the whole basket, carried it to my room, and set it in the bassinet, with nary a peep from John Luke!

February: Bummer.

March: 2 miles so far!

April: Photos are available at

May: Yikes.

June: Talk about “taxation without representation!??? Ugh.

July: And now, on Sunday, I’m relaxing!!

August: Very enjoyable, poignant, and well written.

September: Lame post, eh.

October: Argh.

November: Apparently Magic Erasers aren’t as harmless as the manufacturers hope we believe… This little boy had a terrible experience, and he is not an isolated case.

December: Beautiful!