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OK, that was a weird dream!

OK, that was a weird dream!

But kinda neat, too!

I lived across the street from my friend LA, who is a midwife. One of the ladies we know mutually was lying on my couch, sleeping, exactly 2 weeks past due (the ‘current’ date was something 12th, but I can’t remember now what month, though it was in the dream). The children were watching something on TV and my husband was wandering around, so I told him I was going across to talk to LA.

She met me on the porch and I told her about the lady on the couch and asked what we should do. She agreed it was a difficult decision and not really hers to make. She went in her house and I followed. The living room was fairly standard, but as we talked, she started down the hall. I wasn’t *sure* she wanted me to come along, but I did anyway and she didn’t object, so I continued with her. The hall was at the left (looking at the front from outside) side of the house, all the way to the back (although there may have been a room at the very back of the house, but I’m not sure). The rooms were on the right. Their doors were set into “tunnel” like openings – that is, curved (like upside down Us).

We went into the last one on the right. It seemed like a normal room (there were 2-3 boys sitting on a pallet in the back-right corner of the room playing a game) until we got into it a bit, when it opened OUT! Now all the ceilings were about 12-foot ceilings… and this room had to go almost all the way to the front of the house along the right side of the house, and it was HUGE! We walked/ran to the front of the room, where there was a door that ostensibly opened into another of the rooms – maybe the living room – but it appeared to be kept closed, normally. I said, “Wow! This is HUGE! It’s the size of our whole HOUSE! Well, maybe half our house.” Then, reevaluating, “MayBE our whole house!”

On the way back to the room’s main door, I said to LA, “Ok, I know this is rude, but how much are you guys paying for this place?” to which she answered, “Oh, just $100!” I said, “$100? You’re kidding!” and she looked a little embarrassed when she answered, “Yeah, just $100.” I had the impression that it was based on income or something. But I sure did wish we could get one that big!

Oh, and the room that was so huge? Had rugs, and the corner where the boys were had the pallet they were on and a dresser, but otherwise, the room was totally unfurnished. Just wide open spaces. Beautiful!