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…check out Nature BackPacks! They have neat sets, and they can be adjusted for the family’s needs! It’s an excellent product at a great price.

This is totally ridiculous! A man whose last name is “Dell” – since birth – started a web site company. He bought a domain name for it ( Dell decided to SUE HIM!? See more here:


Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, I felt better this morning. I made Sweet Potato Souffle and took it and the pumpkin pies to my MIL’s house and ate with the family. It was good.

Ugh. Happy Thanksgiving, indeed.

We have relatives in town whom we rarely see… and I can’t spend time with them because I’m sick and feverish. I have been looking forward to this for WEEKS, and now this. Wah!

Well, at least the kids are getting to spend some time with their cousins.

“How Canadian Are You?”

Got this from my friend RoseyGrape’s blog.

You are 49% Canuck!

There may be hope for you, run for the border, the Northern border you damn yank! Maybe then and only then can you be saved. If you were closer to 34% just stay put, Canada doesn’t need your kind.

How Canadian Are You?
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yikes! Who knew?

Apparently Magic Erasers aren’t as harmless as the manufacturers hope we believe… This little boy had a terrible experience, and he is not an isolated case.