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Remember I said John Luke is walking?


“Fall back” time

Don’t forget time change tonight!

Oh how I wish they’d do away with that… if you agree, check out – they have an excellent proposal there for the abolishment of DST.

…I have just the thing for you! Please check out this web site:

Joan’s Cover Dolls

My mom makes these!

I have a separate blog for it… only because the place has all kinds of neat stuff to help. It’s accessible at

I changed up the comments thing.

Now you have to “register” and be “logged in” to comment. I’m sorry for the inconvenience of it, but the spam (over 1000 in 3 days!) has really gotten out of hand, badly.

When you leave your FIRST comment….

PLEASE title your comment “personal”… so I can find it amongst the spam comments I have to moderate.. UNLESS you already have comments showing on my blog, I have it set to let me decide whether to let the comment show, and I have been getting a ridiculous quantity of spam comments and it’s hard to dig through which are fake and whether any are real.


Well, let me see….

(no pun intended)… The other three kids had their eyes checked this week. Nate will be getting reading glasses similar to Tim’s. The eye doctor came out and told me that, “I have seen eyes as good as Bob’s & Rachel’s, but never any *better*!” so that was very good news!

HomeSchoolBlogger is having a contest!

It’s a Scavenger Hunt for anyone 18+!! Why not check it out?

So what’s the fantastic prize for being the one with the most correct answers and all that hard work?


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Timmy got glasses.

I thought his eyes were worse than they are – I’m glad they’re not! – but he got reading glasses. I like how they look on him!


I hate being overwhelmed. Especially when it’s my own fault. Every time I start to do something, I remember (or am interrupted by) something ELSE I need to be doing. There’s too much!

I’m working on reorganizing the boys’ room. In the midst, I need to do domain hosting bills for the business, make meals, feed the baby, etc.

Somehow, I’m getting little done and falling WAY behind.