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John Luke is walking!!!

At two days before 10 months old, John Luke is toddling around the living room without holding on! He’s so cute!

I wish you could see the house

…in this morning’s dream! It was huge – at least the basement was. I think I never saw the upstairs. At least not more than briefly. I spent most of the time in the basement. There were at LEAST 8 rooms down there. There were five across the “front” of it, where the door to the outside was, and there were at least two behind them at the “right” if looking toward the door, and on the far right, behind that other room, was another room, which was a modern kitchen.

The room just in front of the kitchen was a dining room / sitting room, beautifully furnished. The other “back” room, next to that, was a huge OLD kitchen (30s or 40s? style stuff)… with a fridge that had a door that opened DOWN (and slid into the thing, so when the door was open it was like there wasn’t a door), and an oven where the part you cook on pulled out, and such. There were things IN the fridge. When I opened it the 2nd or 3rd time, just to see what was in there, the stuff was covered with these HUGE ants. HUGE!! We closed it as quickly as possible and killed the two or three that had escaped.

Previously in the dream I had been sorting through tons of clothes that were in boxes in the basement. They were mostly in the far left room (as looking toward the door in the basement) and some in the 2nd room. The door to the outside was in the third, or middle, room. The next room had antiques in it, and the far right room was another beautifully furnished “den” type room, with comfy couches and chairs with throw pillows and such.

At one point, in sorting, it began raining, and the middle room and the 2nd room had leaks! Muddy rainwater got into several boxes of clothes, which then had to be discarded completely (which was fine, really!).

I also remember coming across a couple books that interested me.

It really was quite a house. I’m sure I’ve never seen anything like it in real life!!

Chocolate pudding

So we were at the grocery & Robby decided he wanted chocolate pudding. They didn’t have “chocolate.” We were given a choice between “Chocolate Fudge” or “Devil’s Food.” Well, ok, then! So, since it was Robby who’d wanted it, I asked him. He deferred to me. I picked up one box of each, turning them over to compare ingredients.

They were exactly the same. Exactly.


I seem to have hit a laggy spot when it comes to blogging. I can mention that JL now has SIX teeth (four on top and two on bottom). . . and that I’ve been doing some serious decluttering. . . and. . . um.

Lame post, eh.