Monthly Archives: August 2006



I had two dreams that I remembered this morning.

One was that John Luke slid down off the bed and *walked* down the (clean!) hallway into the (very clean and organized and clutter-free!) living room. It would be GOOD if that one could come true.

The other was weird. Weird. Yep.
Ok, we were in this big building…a cross between a factory and an “airport” except that it wasn’t airplanes that “flew” but *people*. We (me, Robby, my friend F, and a couple strangers) were “illegals” and we were trying to escape. (This seems to be a recurring theme in my dreams – trying to escape.) When we got to the strings on which people flew, they were deserted, so we grabbed one each and headed off (we must’ve been near the top floor because it was all down). When we arrived at the bottom, it was also deserted, so we went on outside. When we got across the first waterway (it was mostly water right around the building), there were overseers there – big burly guys – with plastic “whips” that they were brandishing at us. There were a pile of them nearby and I grabbed two and whipped back. They backed off and we retreated to the area below the building.
In a few minutes, they started coming down the building. We stepped into the anteroom and closed and locked the inner door. The lock was conveniently on the OUTside of the door. Leaving the key in the lock (in hopes of “jamming” it), we retreated to the outside again. (At this point, the children were all with us as well, and Rachel was holding JL). They broke through the inner door, and we locked the outer door (also locked from the outside) JUST in time to keep them from coming out. However, we noticed a moment later that there was a SECOND outer door, through which the overseer came. We took off down the waterway.
We found a place to hide, and……
… skipped to several months or years later. It was difficult to tell which, as the children were not present. The main focus was no longer me or my relatives/friends, but this other guy and his girlfriend/wife and this vehicle he invented. They were taking pictures and stuff. And then there were the fugitives, in a row in a ditch or something. They were bundled up HUGELY and it was apparently very cold. And they were hungry. One man willingly gave up what little food he found to the woman next to him.
But when they got to town, they found they had been exonerated, and were free to go. Here I found myself with Robby, trying to interpret our travel instructions which, since we were still foreign to the place, made little sense.
The instructions were encoded in a shirt which had 5 or 6 numbers on it, which could be cross-referenced with the location, but cross-referencing it was very confusing. Especially since it wouldn’t stay visible, but kept turning itself off.

Then I woke up.