Monthly Archives: July 2006

“Deep” thought

“Deep” thought

Probably not all that deep, but thoughts, anyway:

Toothpaste, which is more of a “soap,” is so called because of its paste-like consistency.

However, it occurred to me, in thinking of this, that “consistency” can be paste-like in more than one way. It can be paste-like in its viscosity (thickness), and it can be paste-like in its sticking power.

That’s my “deep” thought for the day.

Well. I haven’t posted in a while…

Well. I haven’t posted in a while…

…but it isn’t because nothing’s happened!! It’s been a very busy few weeks!

The Monday after my last post started Teen Camp, to which my oldest son went. He enjoyed it immensely!

That Saturday, my mom was here for our church’s Mother/Daughter Banquet, and when she & Dusty left Sunday morning, they took Bob with them. Monday morning, the rest of the kids and I went to Junior Camp. We had a great week!

That Saturday, we met my mom & Dusty at Stone Mountain Park to pick up Bob. We stayed to see their laser show and fireworks display. It was really neat!

We worked on getting unpacked and caught up on house stuff…

On Wednesday, I had a dentist appointment. Sure enough, the tooth is abcessed, so I’m on antibiotics.

Then on Thursday, we had friends here from Chattanooga. While we were visiting, there was a knock on the door, and I had the distinct privilege of meeting a dear previously-online-only friend from Florida!! She and I share all three names the same (first, middle, last). It was really fun, and we really enjoyed their visit!

My Chattanooga friends left their 2nd daughter here overnight and came back Friday to pick her up. We also had our friends from Albertville on Friday, so we had a yardfull! (We set up our pavilion/screen house and ate outside! My Chattanooga friends are a family of 8, and our Albertville friends are a family of four, and of course there are 7 of us…)

And now, on Sunday, I’m relaxing!!