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Well, THAT was a weird dream!

I dreamed that Robby decided to divorce me (which would *never* happen in real life, btw) and so I married someone else… whom I then sent home to his wife while I continued to live with Robby…. VERY weird!

This is a useful site!

GetHuman database – tells you what to do to get to talk to a HUMAN when you call many places. Check it out!

Neat Timewaster!

Falling Sand

What Kind of Princess are you?

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MY tv – the one on my desk – is going back in my closet. It has become MUCH too much the center of my kids’ lives. It’s a BAD thing. It’s going. Today. Urgh.

Horrible Nightmare!

I am not even going to recount it. I don’t want to remember {{shudder}}. It was demonic. I woke up gratefully to the alarm and read the Bible for a bit. Ew.

Nate lost a tooth!

His first lost tooth. Already. I can hardly believe it. Another milestone!

Zachary has been found!!

Praise the Lord!!

John Luke is growing!

I can hardly believe it. At 3.5 months, he can reach the ground in his walker and actually MOVE it a little! He is such a delight! He reaches for his toys now and plays with what he can grasp. He loves bead-mover type toys.

Lost my diamond.

It occurred to me, vaguely, in the night, that my ring was catching on things a lot more than usual (it’s always caught on things, because the diamond sticks up a bit in the middle). I looked at it this morning, when it really registered (and I was awake) and the diamond is gone.

“No Choice”???

Oh, brother!!

The political cartoonists are screeching about “no choice” in South Dakota. I beg to differ!

People are no longer allowed to have abortions — to KILL their babies — in South Dakota. Yay, SD!

They do, however, have a CHOICE. They *choose* whether they will have sex – “protected” or otherwise. They *choose* to be intimate with people, KNOWING it could cause a baby to be conceived. They choose BEFORE conception. Once conception occurs, there is a baby. A human being. A CHILD.

How can *any* self-respecting person view that baby as a “choice”? The choice has been made.

I do not understand how any self-respecting DOCTOR can perform abortions. They are going directly against the hippocratic oath when they do — and they no doubt know it. As early as 8 weeks, the baby *LOOKS* like a baby. Before that, it is obviously LIFE.

In my opinion, a doctor who is willing to perform an elective abortion (that is, one not necessitated by an ectopic pregnancy) should have his medical practice license yanked.

That’s my opinion.

Have you seen this boy?

Find Zachary!

Ugh [shudder] awful dream!

That was entirely weird. In my dream, I dreamed that I had another baby, fairly close to this one… and was nursing both, but hadn’t seen or nursed one of them in about three days!! Both were boys… both were quite small. But the one I hadn’t nursed was the older of the two, and was lethargic when I found him, but not “wasting away”, but also not interested in eating. And I couldn’t remember the baby’s name, and I couldn’t even remember if I HAD another baby. And in the dream, I woke up confused and was asking my friends if I had another baby… it was very sad and weird and … sad.

Quilt Photos

Front of the quilt

Back of the quilt

My quilt – and walking update

I don’t know if you remember, but around the end of 2004 I put together a quilt top that I’d made from old jeans; I layered it sometime the beginning of 2005. It’s been sitting, waiting to be quilted, since then.

I gave up on that idea and tied it, instead. It looks ok, I think. All I have left to do now is sew up the edges. Then I can give it to my oldest son for his birthday in April.

Since the last walking ticker, I’ve walked about 4 more miles:

New project!

I found a couple of really inexpensive knitting books at Unclaimed Baggage today. So, I bought 2 pr of knitting needles at Wal*Mart and began to learn to knit!

Starting to knit!

How’s that for motivation?

I suggested to Robby that he have the boys each do a half-hour turn in their bedroom, cleaning, and reward the one who did the best. He agreed that sounded like a good idea, and while Rae & I were gone, he did so.

Bob won.

So they are now off bowling – something the boys love to do, but rarely get to do. Plus, that gives Bob some one-on-one time with his dad!

Date #4

Today Rae & I went out. We started by swimming – and got quite a workout! We swam about 400 yards, back and forth, and a little more if you count what we did at each end between lengths.

After we showered & changed, we went to eat at Mariachi, a local Mexican restaurant, where we shared a “nachos supremos” plate, and an order of fried ice cream. YUM!

We left there and went to Unclaimed Baggage, where we picked up a couple knitting books. We hope to learn to knit this year – there’s a lady at church who knits who is willing to help us learn.

We had a great time, and I am so glad that it occurred to me to do this with the City money! I think the children are glad, too.

50 Miles in March – update 1

2 miles so far!