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The best blonde joke EVER!

The best blonde joke ever!


Date #3

Today was Tim’s turn. We started off by swimming – he did great! His favorite “camp” story from 2 years ago was that he squeaked past the swim test, jumped in the deep end, and nearly drowned!! But now he can actually swim well enough.

After that, we went to eat at Captain D’s (a fish place similar to Long John Silver’s), and picked up cinnamon twists for dessert at Taco Bell. Then we went to KMart, where he didn’t find anything he was interested in, except a couple of quarter machines on the way out, so we went to Wal*Mart.

At Wal*Mart, he decided to get two big balls (one for him, and one for Bob for his birthday next month), some M&Ms, and some Reese’s Pieces. He was very generous with everything he got!

And, not only did we have a great time… he told me while we were eating at Captain D’s that it was the best day of his life.

Type of Homeschooler

This one surprised me!!

You’re an “Unschool”

You teach your kids primarily through simply living your life and talking to your kids. You probably do supplement your conversations with books borrowed from the library – admit it, just HOW many trips have you made to the library this month?!

“Mommy, look at the flower!”….”Yes, at look at the roots, and the pigment, and did you know……”

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You Passed 8th Grade Math

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Date #2

Today was Nate’s day. Robby had an appointment later in the day, so we decided to go ahead and go this morning. We stopped by Dollar General (to get Nate socks, since he hadn’t worn any) and were planning to go bowling, but we weren’t able to because the bowling alley didn’t open until noon (this was about 10am). We decided to go eat breakfast first, and went to Huddle House, where we each had a waffle (his with strawberries & whipped cream; mine with syrup, with a side of bacon, which he shared). When we left there, we went to KMart. Nate found two stretchies he liked (a dolphin and a witch – which I wasn’t thrilled with, actually) and a toy gumball machine. On the way out, he used 50 cents to get a set of silly-teeth from the machine… they have “worms” crawling through them EEWWWW! Then we had to stop by Wal*Mart for diapers and trash bags. And then we came home.

I had a great time, and I think Nate did, too!

Need a giggle?

Go Here

I finally decided

to join Kim!!

Date #1

I have set up days to have a “date” with each of my children, one on one. Today was Bob’s turn (age 12). I told him we had $20, and he could choose what to do.

First we went swimming for an hour ($4), and then we went by Unclaimed Baggage and picked him up a military jacket that my MIL bought for him (they had a bunch of Army, one Navy, and one Air Force. He chose the AF one, which had belonged to a Major). After that, we ate at Zaxby’s ($10.50) and got dessert at Dairy Queen ($5). I gave him the remaining $0.50. It was really a fun time!

I’m looking forward to the other kids’ turns, too! I just hope things work out to *do* them on the scheduled day – – or sooner. In order to do it one-on-one, I need Robby to be home for a couple hours straight in the middle of the day.


I meant to comment on Sunday’s sermons.

First of all, I enjoyed listening to him, because he grew up in Ireland and has a very Irish brogue. (For those who might know him, or know of him, this is Tom Fittis, missionary to Northern Ireland.)

Sunday morning’s sermon was on unity – Psalm 133. I knew I should’ve typed this up yesterday. I’ve already forgotten too much of what I wanted to remember. It isn’t easy to take notes with a nursling on one’s lap… but the main idea was that the church should be characterized by fellowship and love one for another. If people come into the church and the atmosphere could be cut with a knife, that is not God-honoring and that church may as well lock its doors until the members work things out so they can show God’s love through their eyes and hearts and mouths.

Sunday evening’s sermon was about “Open your Hanky” — talking about when the man gave his servants pounds and they either invested or hid it… and how if only the one who’d hid it had invested it, he could have made a difference. And that we, too, should open our “hanky” and use what God has given us to make a difference.

Happy Birthday to me!

Well, as of today, 35 years have passed since I was born. For the next six weeks, I’m the same age as my brother (though he would vehemently deny it).

I made myself a cake – there was some fondant left from earlier in the week – and decorated it.

It’s been a very neat day. Our church is having a missionary emphasis this month, and today’s missionary is from Northern Ireland. He played the bagpipes (which was VERY cool) and also played guitar and sang.

I had lots of good wishes, and several cards, and a few very thoughtful gifts.

And the boys and I got a lot done in their pigsty of a room. One can actually WALK in there now! (Though they still can’t SLEEP in there, until we get the rest of the stuff of the beds and put away.) I must keep on top of that and not let them wreak such havoc again!

And my husband is buying me Season Three of Monk! I’m looking forward to getting that!

Happy Birthday

Again this year, what I think of on February 16 is my friend Cheryl, whose birthday is today. Wherever you are, Cheryl – Happy Birthday!

I hope one day I can find her again…

Cake Decorating

The kids and I have been watching Food Network, learning about cake decorating. They have shown cake competitions a lot recently, and it looked like so much fun! So I looked up a cake recipe and a fondant recipe, and tried them out.

Fondant makes a cake MUCH easier to cover than regular icing, and it looks much smoother. Here’s ours:

Valentine Cake

Pray for Candace

My friend Janne brought this to my attention. My mother’s heart goes out to this family. Their little daughter Candace, 7, has come down with a serious aggressive infection that is eating away her bones and muscles. In a few short days she has gotten sick, and had several surgeries to remove the infection. Her situation is very very serious. Please join me, if you would, in praying to the Living God. Here’s the website that’s being update about Candace:

30 years!

My brother called me today to wish me “Happy Birthday” – I’d meant to call him, but had forgotten. February 11, 1976, at home, both of us accepted Christ as Saviour.

God is so good!

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Scrabble is cool —

and so is this neat little toy!

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Rae’s hair, Sunday

I didn’t get pictures Sunday, after all, because her hair fell out of the buns in the night. I guess I didn’t have the scrunchies in tight enough. Bummer.