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Free chess online

Queen Alice

John Luke is smiling some now!

John Luke

Very good set of questions

Questions on both sides of the abortion question – and their answers

One *good* thing …

about having had the blood clots (and resulting leg-swelling for the duration of the pregnancy) — my legs look really skinny to me now! LOL!

Odd dream this morning

I dreamed I was sitting in the passenger seat of a car, waiting for Robby to transact some business. We were by a pond/lake. The car started moving, and I didn’t think anything of it, figuring someone had gotten in and started driving. When the front left corner of the car was in the water, I looked at the driver’s seat and saw it was empty! The car continued across the water and pulled up at the other edge, where I reached over and shoved it into Park.


In support of CHOICE:

My letter to Target, Wal-Mart, and Winn-Dixie:

I recently received a letter from Planned Parenthood, asking me to write to you regarding your policy that allows your pharmacists to refuse to fill prescriptions if they so choose. PP wanted me to tell you it’s “outrageous” and “discrimination.”

I am writing, but rather than writing a letter of objection, I am writing to let you know that I totally support your policy and hope you will not choose to change it. It’s all about “choice” – not discrimination. Isn’t it interesting how Planned Parenthood supports some forms of “choice” but not others?

Please stand firm in your policy, and God bless.


Growing baby!

I weighed John Luke (via the weigh-me-and-add-him method) and he’s about 12 pounds now!!

John Luke

Merry Christmas!!

and Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Church was great this morning. My children did a special (piano, flute, voice) of O Come, O Come Emmanuel during the morning service. They did VERY well!

Today’s Christmas –

Bobby – from us – small foam football
Rae – from me – embossing tool & hairbrush set
Tim – from us – ball gun
Nate – from us – flashlight

Also, a dear friend of ours came by with gift cards and cookies and a beautiful serving dish! What a blessing!

How appropriate is that!?

I just played ZED in a Scrabble game and got 26 points for it! LOL!

Today’s Christmas –

Me – from Robby – Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Gold !!!
Bobby – from Nate – magic tricks
Rae – from Nate – Dollar Tree’s “Magnetix” thingy
Tim – from us – marbles
Nate – from Tim – Dollar Tree’s “Hungry Hippo” type game

Today’s Christmas –

Robby – from me – Pampered Chef self-sharpening Chef Knife (8″)
Bobby – from us – marbles
Rae – from me – a brass stencil (for embossing)
Tim – from Nate – a ‘dart’ gun from Dollar Tree
Nate – from us – Pez candy

More Christmas

Yesterday, the day’s presents were:

Robby – from Rae – a screwdriver set
Me – from Tim – a bag of Tootsie Rolls
Bob – from us – a 3D wooden puzzle
Rae – from Bob – “Noise Putty”
Tim – from Bob – Rocket balloons
Nate – from us – ball shooter gun

Today, we opened:

Robby – from Tim – Pringles
Me – from Robby – a Dollar Tree “ball” gun (he bought one too many and thought I might want to defend myself LOL)
Bob – from us – flashlight
Rae – from Tim – Dollar Tree grab bag
Tim – from us – sidewalk chalk
Nate – from us – sidewalk chalk

Days of Christmas

For several years now, we’ve done “12 Days of Christmas” – we got a couple nice things and a bunch of Dollar Tree type stuff, and the kids open one item a day instead of being overwhelmed with everything at once.

This year, we weren’t going to do it, but my mom-in-law told me that Timmy (9) told her that he was disappointed we weren’t doing it because he doesn’t remember ever NOT doing it (and Nate doesn’t either, for that matter)… so, we “backed up and punted” and are doing 8 days (since it was already too late for 12!). The kids bought presents for us and each other this year – first year they’ve done that – and it’s been neat. Saturday was the first day. Bob opened the HeroScape game (board type game) that I “splurged” (I was only intending to spend $30/dc but that was $40) and got him, and he is DELIGHTED with it. Nate opened his guitar (cheap, but REAL, acoustic guitar – child sized) and he, too, is delighted. Rae opened a drawing kit, and Tim opened his lightning thingy (one of those things where you touch it and the electricity goes to your hand, y’know?). I opened mine from Nate, which was a penguin with really long arms & legs (hehehe) and Robby opened his from Bobby, which was a package of socks.

Sunday, Bob opened his from Timmy – a ‘pinball/airhockey’ game for two players. Tim opened his from Rae – a ‘walkman’ cassette player. Nate opened his from me – same as Tim’s. Rae opened her watercolor-drawing kit. Robby opened his from Nate – a stretchy “koosh” ball with a light in it. And I opened mine from Bobby – soft, stretchy, STRIPED socks — I LOVE ’em!!

And today, Robby opened his from me – a satellite radio receiver; I opened mine from Rae – a calendar, a plastic massager (non-electric), and two things of lip balm (flavored). Bob opened one from Robby – DollarTree version of Magnetix. Rae opened one from me – a ‘walkman’ style CD player. Tim opened his from me – “I Spy Fantasy” pc game. Nate opened his from Bobby – a package of stretchy dinosaurs. And I opened John Luke’s from Nate – a rattle.

This is really a fun way to extend the season. Instead of a month of prep for ten minutes of fun… we have a couple weeks of prep for a couple weeks of fun… and we also make sure to read some out of the Bible, and sing a song or two, and pray, before opening each day’s present – so it isn’t “present-oriented” necessarily, either.

Christmas at church

Last night was our church’s Christmas fellowship party. It was a lot of fun, and I didn’t overeat (since most of the items were things NOT recommended when recovering/treating gall bladder issues). We played a pictionary-style game with two teams (and using the chalkboard) – ended up with a tie. It was definitely fun!

Gall bladder problems.

To the best of my knowledge (and research), it appears I had a gall bladder attack a couple days ago. That was NOT fun. Quite painful. Lasted nearly 12 hours. I’ve been “self treating” with beans (lots of fiber) based on This Article. So far I haven’t had a recurrence; I’m hoping and praying that I don’t!

“Truth through Google”

1- Go to
2- Type in “french military victories”, without the quotes
3- Instead of hitting “Search” hit “I’m feeling Lucky”
4- Tell your friends before the people at Google fix it.

Today’s bits…

2-week doctor appointment today – everything is healing well.

Baby’s cord stump is gone – it’s nice to not have to deal with that anymore.

Since we went to Wal*Mart yesterday, we figured I really couldn’t get out of going to church today (hehehe)… so I bathed John Luke and dressed him in his cute little doggie-decorated footless sleeper outfit, and off we went!

Since we are upstairs for Sunday School and Jr Church, it wasn’t a problem as far as “being around people” was concerned. There’s a side room where Robby preferred that I go to feed him. I passed out thank-you notes and showed him off a little after church.

All-in-all, it went very well.

It seems, incidentally, that John Luke is turning me into a morning person. I have been falling asleep between 9 and 10 most nights and waking up between 6-7 in the morning. Sometimes we take a nap, but mostly, that’s been our hours. Very strange for me! But I rather like it, actually.

Also, to change the subject a little, I’ve discovered author Terry Pratchett. There were a couple “bad words” in the book I read, but the story was very enjoyable! It was “Going Postal” – which I picked up at an “overstock” type place for $4. The guy really has a way with words!

Weighty Matters

So I stepped on the scale the other morning, out of curiosity (mainly).

Within the first few weeks of knowing I was pregnant, back in March, I had gotten to 215 (on my scale). I gained from there until I was about 230 (on my scale) just before John Luke was born.

And now?

205 big grin