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I suppose it was bound to happen eventually.

I dreamed I had the baby one afternoon, and he wasn’t very alert, but sleepy, so we took him home and put him to bed in his crib. The next day, we went to a birthday party for a friend’s kid, and while the kid was opening presents, it suddenly occurred to me that we’d left the baby at home in his crib!! And he hadn’t been fed or changed since we got him home!! I raced home (which was less than a block away, in an apartment building across the parking lot) and found my husband there, at the window, patting the baby (who was fussing but not screaming like one would expect a soaked, starving baby to do) and we got in and he was ok after all (whew!!) and I woke up.

Boy was I glad *THAT* was only a dream!!

We kept calling him “her” all the way into the apartment, but when we took him out of the crib, he was a he… and I couldn’t remember what we’d named him.

Very weird.

Found a Great new musical artist!

Found a Great new musical artist!

Except, he isn’t really *new* – apparently he’s been around since the 1970s! I can’t believe I never heard of him before today!

Barry Louis Polisar

I won a free music download from Quilted Northern (I think), and when I went to the site, there was, listed under “just added,” an album by him. It is called “Off-Color Songs for Kids” and I had to see what it was! The “Off Color” doesn’t refer to being bad, but rather (according to his web site) the cover of the album, which was printed oddly. The songs are awesome! I used my free download to get “Oh No, I Like My Sister” which my children (and I) just LOVE, and then went to and purchased his CD “Naughty Songs for Boys and Girls.” We are really loving this guy!!

My daughter turned 11 today :)

My daughter turned 11 today :)

She got a bike (from us) and $20 from her grandparents, who took her to Wal*Mart where she bought rollerblades, and a couple cards with cash from friends and relatives, and phone calls from my parents.

My inlaws took her out for lunch, as well.

We took her out for dinner to Western Sizzlin – who were having a deal where we could get chopped sirloin, baked potato, Texas toast, and dessert bar for $1.99!! It was great, and we ate there (and were full!) for less than it would normally cost to go to McDonald’s.

Had a GREAT weekend!!

Had a GREAT weekend!!

I didn’t want to come home.

And I did not at all miss my computer, believe it or not.

We didn’t get out of here Thursday like we’d planned. We left Friday about 11am. We got into the GPAA claim at Buchanan, GA about 2:30ish (central time… even though we were in GA, we lived on ‘our’ time).

First thing we did was set up our campsite. Turns out someone had (the day before, actually) turned a footpath into a driveway (the owner has asked that vegetation be left alone – they had to cut down a LOT of vegetation in order to do that)… and our chosen campsite happened to block that new “road” (which wasn’t a road before!)… so the person who was down there wasn’t happy, but they left to go to the other side of the claim. I guess they figured they’d just wait until we left (we said we were leaving Monday).

We did something a little different this time – for the last couple years, we’ve done a “floor” tarp (in case of rain, to cut down on mud) and a “roof” tarp (in case of rain, to give us outside-the-tent shelter)… the roof tarp has always before been tied on the corners and in the middle-sides to trees – which often meant a sag in the middle that would ‘catch’ water. We adjusted that this time by running a rope across and having the tarp over it, then tied by the sides (see 01campsite.jpg on the Pictures Page).

The creek we were on was called Beech Creek, I think, but it V’d just downstream a few feet into Kiser Creek. The path you see in 02kisercreek.jpg is just off to the right of the campsite (as you look at it in picture one). It was very convenient!

In 03firepit.jpg, you can see our fire pit () I really, really enjoy cooking over a campfire. Somehow it’s a lot more fun than cooking at home.

The scene in 04insidetent.jpg is what was to be seen each night from about 8 until about 10… Robby put Magic School Bus on the laptop for the kids’ entertainment when it was too dark to be outside but too early to sleep. The only difference was that I wasn’t sitting up most of the time!! (That’s my leg and arm on the left.)

05-09 are the dredge – Robby wanted those to show his buddies on the prospecting boards. If you are interested in those at all and want to know anything about ’em, just ask.

10dawn.jpg – yeah, that’s me. I was cold and about ready to get out and go back to the fire… and it was close to time to fix something to eat… so that’s why I don’t look particularly thrilled (plus I just don’t really like pictures of *me* much).

11-13 and 15, 17, 19, and 20 are the kids using the tubs as boats, coming down the little rapids there. They had a great time with that! Timmy kept turning in circles on the way down!

14bridge.jpg shows the view from where I was sitting (in picture 10) toward the main road (Co.Rd 120, Tallapoosa, GA). Pretty, isn’t it?

In 16bob-mud.jpg, Bobby had found some mud that was particularly “soft” … especially on the face… so I had to get a picture!

18 was going to be a picture of Rae going by in the boat (that’s her on the right) but really ended up being a picture of Robby dredging.

21nate.jpg is just Nate, playing in the water.

22-23 – Nate & Tim both enjoyed swimming underwater. Both are getting pretty good at it – especially when they have goggles on.

24-25 – Nate wanted me to take pictures of the rocks he found.

26-28 were Monday morning while we were getting camp taken down. I guess Robby took those, since I’m in one of them!

We really had a great time. It was very relaxing, and peaceful (despite the road being that close), and fun. The kids and I played games (I took Uno and a deck of cards, and Bob brought Pacardy and Lord of the Rings Monopoly) and played in the water, and whatnot.

Did I mention I didn’t want to come home?