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Life’s short, GO fishing today!
Check out the link above.
Mark 1:17

Braided my daughter’s hair.

Her idea – three braids, braided. I thought it came out pretty good!

No more storage payment!!

After 7 years of paying $40/month for storage (ugh! We could’ve OWNED a nice storage building!) we are finally storage-payment-free!! We emptied it out and sorted through it (well, *I* sorted through it) and are planning to sell a large portion of it in two weeks.

What a job that was!!

We threw away approximately half of it. May end up throwing away more, if it doesn’t sell. We’ll see.

Been a while!

Wow, two weeks… didn’t realize it’d been that long. Haven’t had a lot to say… my personal hand-written journal has a few blank sections, also.

My next OB appt is Tuesday. We’re hoping to get our storage unit cleaned out today so we won’t have to pay another month on it.

That’s about it at the moment!

Pictures and commentary at my site.

Funny dream!!

This morning I dreamed that there were teeny-tiny penguin chicks in my carpet – barely big enough to be seen amongst the carpet fibers. They were so cute!!

AND I also dreamed (and this is a recurring theme, too) that I got a job (at Bi-Lo, in this case, as a greeter ) but could never remember to check and see what my schedule was so I never knew if I was supposed to be working or not

Dream this morning

I dreamed again about my first boyfriend… but this time was different. In the past, the dreams have had a sadness, that he was ‘unattainable’ … but this time, it wasn’t like that. In the dream I told him, “Even though our current relationship” (or lack thereof LOL) “never changes, I know that some of my most pleasant memories are from those years between 12-16.” (which are the years we were close.) … it was almost like a closure… Maybe it was.