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I dreamed this morning that we were at a camp of some kind, and it was the morning of the day to go home. As we were lying in bed before we got up, the phone rang (which it really did, this morning) and it was Robby’s dad (which also happened this morning – thankfully, the rest of this did *not* happen!!) and I was talking to him and he started to say something and couldn’t get it out, and he tried again, and I heard Mom say, “Ron? Ron!” and the phone died.
It got me thinking. When *my* dad died, I was pretty philosophical about it, and it didn’t really *bother* me all that much (which is not to say I don’t MISS him sometimes, just that it really didn’t hit me *hard*)… but I was not very close to my dad (either physically or emotionally) and neither was my mom, and while my brother was closer than either of us, even *he* wasn’t really that close.

Whereas my father-in-law is an integral part of our family, close to and well-loved by mom-in-law, husband, children, me, siblings, siblings-in-law, nieces and nephews. When God finally *does* take him home, it will hit us all pretty hard, I think. I’m sure not in any hurry for that to happen!


I cleaned up the pile in the living room a couple days ago and cleaned out my closet today. (My bedroom is a mess, but it will clean up when I get that far). If I keep this up, I’ll have everything gone through in a couple weeks 🙂

Me, pregnant (22 weeks)

Here I am :)

Weird dream!

I dreamed we were somewhere visiting, and some other people were also there. One was an extended family relative, who was there without his wife… he kept sort of hitting on me It was very strange. This is not someone I’ve ever been even remotely attracted to… and even in the dream I wasn’t, but didn’t discourage him because I wanted the attention .


It’s been 10 days…

…not much has happened, really.

We started school on the 18th (we homeschool, and we will be taking six weeks off between Thanksgiving and Christmas for the holidays and new baby).

That’s about it, I guess.

Update on the Web Site thing

The guy at BNC has removed the site from the “built by us” list. Maybe he’s not so bad, after all.

Today’s Quote

Reality, when weighed in the balance with fantasy, is found wanting.

It’s a BOY!

It's a boy!


Which Princess Bride Character are You?
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Missing my daughter…

My (currently only) daughter is with my mom for a week… until Saturday… I’m so glad the week is almost over!

Happy Independence Day, USA!

My parents are visiting!

My parents got into town this morning. We have had a great visit so far, and they’ll be here tomorrow, too!

Last night we had friends over (with whom we endeavor to get together every week at least once) and got playing a game and they ended up staying over (they live an hour away) because the game ended so late. We had a blast! We had breakfast for dinner last night and doughnuts (Krispy Kreme!) for breakfast.

After breakfast, my parents arrived and my mom brought in a bunch of books my brother had sent, and a Queen Size mattress & box springs! I am excited about having the extra space (even though it doesn’t fit our current frame after all, but we can work around that!). We sat outside for a little while after that, and about 10ish my parents went to get something to eat.

Our friends ate lunch with us and then they left a little after noon. It was great to have them here as long as they were, though!

I threw together a pasta salad that turned out pretty good – I need to add some cucumbers to it tomorrow – and then Nate & I took a bit of a nap. About 4ish, my parents came back (we were having a picnic around 5 at the park) and Nate & I got up so we could go.

The picnic was very good and my mom got some video of the kids feeding the ducks. After we ate and visited a bit, they went back to the hotel while we came home, and about 7ish my mom came back over and we played some games until about 10. My mom said she was leaving (but would see us at church tomorrow) but instead she & I ended up talking in the driveway until midnight! It was really great to spend time with my mom, though, even though it is late.

And, since it IS late and I have to get up tomorrow… I shall go now. Good night!