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Our Memorial Day Weekend

We left here Wednesday about 12:30pm. With plenty of stops and all, we finally got in near 6.

We had beautiful weather, only a little rain (and that a gentle rain, not storms and wind). It got a bit cool at times, but that’s to be expected in the mountains near a creek! The kids spent most of their time in the water, while I did a lot of relaxing. It was kind of odd, supervising the camp getting set up instead of doing most of it… since I’m not allowed to!

Our friends the Burkes joined us on Friday evening, and we really enjoyed having them out there with us!

Tom and Mara helped Robby take camp down, which was a real blessing, because I couldn’t, and I usually do. Then they followed us home and Tom helped Robby unload the trailer!

We fed ’em spaghetti before they headed home.

The only kink in the whole thing, was that I seem to have developed an allergic reaction to one (or more) of the preservatives in the Fragmin… my shot sites are getting red and itchy!! ack!! The dr said I can use Benadryl or hydrocortisone to control the itching.

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Changed some things!

I switched my blog to my server, using WordPress. I think I’m going to like this 🙂

Ultrasound today!

Info and link to pictures

I remembered what I wanted to write.

Last night in church, we sang “Honey in the Rock.” It amazes me sometimes how certain things bring up very vivid memories. I can never sing that song without remembering a friend (well, at the time I considered him a friend, but I’ve lost touch and, with how things were and such, I somehow doubt he’d have any interest whatsoever in being in touch now) named Bruce Garraway. There were several of us singing (maybe it was the choir? but a small choir) this song, and he had the tenor part. He sang it very well.


Robby had a migraine, so he stayed home today. It was kind of nice to be driving again. Although, driving didn’t really lessen the movement-sickness effect, so thankfully it isn’t very far from home to church.

There was something else I wanted to write here, but I cannot remember what it was. I hate it when that happens!


Let’s see. Where to start!

Well, we went to the doctor appt, and everything looks good and I have an ultrasound appointment Tuesday.

We got to our friends’ house (where my children were) and when I walked down the hall to use her bathroom, I got hit with a horrible headache, which never DID go away yesterday. Thankfully, it was gone this morning.

We came home, and my father-in-law came over with privacy fencing panels (3), with which they made a “storage area” by the side of the house. That way our stuff doesn’t look like such a mess behind the house. Robby said if he’d known then what we know now, he would have avoided a corner lot! (’cause *everyone* can see into our back yard)

While they were working on that, the guy from whom we’re buying the house stopped by. This is the man who said (and who other people said) he would not be interfering, and once we signed the papers, he would not act like it was still his house, etc.

He gave Robby grief up one side and down the other over different things – the azaleas that we planted to move in, died; the trampoline has been sitting there for a few weeks kinda falling apart until we get time to get the recall-repair kit put on it; the monkey grass he gave us to put by the driveway – which Robby DID plant – died (“you can’t kill monkey grass!” – well, it was already mostly dead when he GAVE it to us)…. just stuff. Robby was very *NOT HAPPY* about all that. He said he can’t expect us to keep redoing this stuff every year, and if we could afford it, we’d go get a regular loan and pay him off so we wouldn’t have to deal with him anymore.

We’re working on digging up an area in front of the porch (we=the dc at the moment) to plant some new azaleas and some other flowers that one of the bus kids gave us. Not sure yet what we’re going to do by the driveway.


I do think I’m going to spend some time outside, though… it’s BEAUTIFUL out there today!!


I’m walking again! That’s such a nice thing to be able to do.

I had an appointment with a “care coordinator” this morning to fill out paperwork, and I have an OB appointment tomorrow morning. I’m very tired from getting up at 6am; those of you who know me, know that I am NOT used to getting up that early!

05/05/05 Update

Fifth day of the fifth month of the two-thousand-and-fifth year… cool, huh?

Ok, so, update.

Robby found me a used wheelchair at a thrift store, but I hope I don’t need it. I would if we go much of anywhere, because I still can’t walk far, but I *did* walk to the mailbox at the end of the driveway, and back.

I also now have a medilert bracelet that we plan to engrave with the info, but I have a card in my wallet that explains I’m on Fragmin and pregnant.

Guess that’s all for now 🙂


I’m doing a little better, as evidenced by the fact that I’m here – at least briefly. My leg is still swollen, though I think it has started to go down a little, and my sciatic nerve is still pinched, but all-in-all, I feel better.

I appreciate the prayers of those who prayed for me through this, and of those who continue to pray.