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Sorry for not updating, but I’ve been in the hospital.

Sorry for not updating, but I’ve been in the hospital.

Thankfully, I am home now.

First of all, last Thursday (4/21), I may have already mentioned my scare with my leg turning purple and swelling, then going back to normal…

I had trouble walking, but was otherwise ok for the next two days. Things went along pretty much normally.

Sunday morning, we went to church as usual. I leaned on Robby to get in to the building, used the railings to get up the stairs, and sat in the pew in the classroom… we stayed up there for children’s church. About 11:15, I shifted positions and my leg started swelling and turning purple again. I got up, moved around, tried to get my back to pop (thinking that would fix it – it seemed to have on Thursday), but it didn’t work. I sent Bob for Robby (who had gone downstairs) and when he saw it, we immediately left, and tried to get in touch with our chiropractor (still going on the back-pop thing from last week). He (understandably) doesn’t answer his phone on Sundays, but since he is also a customer – and a friend – we drove to his house.

He agreed to meet us at the office… I was in severe pain and the leg was continuing to swell. He did all he could, and the muscles in my back (except the one that is causing my pinched sciatic nerve) responded nicely, but the swelling didn’t change at all.

The chiropractor seemed a bit frightened by how the leg looked, and recommended we go to the ER. Robby (still going on last week’s experience) thought we could just go home and he could massage it and it would do better, but it hurt SO bad, I requested to follow the doctor’s recommendation, so we did.

We should have gone straight to Huntsville, we would have seen someone at least and hour and a half sooner. We waited in Scottsboro’s hospital for 2.5 hours for them to tell us they couldn’t do anything and we needed to go to Huntsville. They DID give me a shot of nubain, which put me out and did help the pain a little… and Robby drove me to Huntsville.

Once we got there, we waited for another couple hours (I have no idea exactly how long, since I was out of it from the nubain) until the meds started wearing off and the pain started returning in earnest. They quickly found me a bed and gave me a shot of morphine, which, while it didn’t touch the pain, put me out to where I didn’t really *feel* it, except when I woke up.

They took ten or fifteen vials of blood for tests, and did an ultrasound on my leg, and later one on my abdomen.

The ultrasound on my leg found blood clots in three veins.

The ultrasound on my abdomen found a 2.8cm (from crown to rump) sweetie, 9 weeks, 4 days, healthy heartbeat, due date by sono 11/23… and a possible subchorionic hemorrhage (uterine wall bleed). Because of the sc/h, I am having some spotting occasionally, but so far there hasn’t been anything enough to worry about, thankfully.

They finally admitted me to a room at 1:30ish on Monday early morning. They started me on Fragmin (blood thinner injections) Monday and I will be on them until baby is born, then on an oral thinner for a few months after that.

My left thigh is still swelled to about twice its normal size, but I can bend my knee almost to a 90-degree angle now, so that’s progress. It won’t hold my weight, yet, so I’m using crutches to get around the house.

Oh, and also… my aversion this time around seems to have shown up… meat and bread items are unappetizing to me. I’ve been living on fruit, veggies, and dairy.

We went camping over the weekend.

We went camping over the weekend.

Overall, it was a very nice trip. The weather was beautiful during the day, and it didn’t rain at all (though one night was quite windy). The only time the cold-at-night was a problem was getting up 2x to potty!

My brother showed up about 4/5pm on Friday, and we spent a little time with them but they left about 1 on Saturday because Andy (their youngest – not quite 2) looked terrible and was getting worse. Turns out he has erythema multiforme, probably from my brother’s cold sores (which are from one of those common viruses). He is responding well to prednisone.

There were quite a few other people there, which was kind of unusual for a non-holiday weekend. The people in the next campsite over homeschooled their son… and the people in the next but one were from Pikeville, TN, which is only about 35 minutes from us! and they had a son named Cory who spent most of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with us.

A bit of a funny – at one point the dc were standing by the campfire with Cory, and the sun was shining and the weather was beautiful, and Bobby spread his arms and observed, “I don’t know how anyone could believe that evolution is true!” and Cory just looked at him, and Bob said, “YOU don’t believe in evolution, DO you??” and Cory never DID answer that one.

It would have been a practically perfect weekend, if my behind/leg hadn’t been hurting so bad. I used a metal chair as a walker around the campsite, and that helped some, but it got progressively worse to where I begged Robby to drive me back from the outhouse (maybe 2/10 of a mile) rather than trying to walk. When we got home, I cried all the way into the house, and wasn’t sure I was going to make it. Took a hot shower/bath and went to bed.

This morning, I could get to the bathroom, and managed the living room (obviously, since I’m at my computer) but I couldn’t do much and it’s quite annoying.

Oh, and I think I got sunburned a bit on my head/forehead and forearms.

Oh, again… I got several compliments on how helpful my older two children were – from at least three different people! I’m very proud of them!

This afternoon, Robby got me in to the chiropractor, which helped a little – I can walk – but I still hurt some.

Travelling ramble

Travelling ramble

I have decided that I dislike tinted windows, and driving after dark.

When we are driving, I like to be able to look at the people in other cars, and both of the above foil that effort.

(I also dislike mirrored sunglasses for a similar reason – I like being able to see eyes. You miss a lot by not being able to see eyes.)

We had a nice trip!

We had a nice trip!

One of our customers sent us to Florida this week! It was very nice. I got to visit with one family whom I had never met in real life before (knew from internet), and also with some friends who recently moved down there.

I wrote this to some friends yesterday:

We left our other hotel this morning (hungry – despite their $159 charge, they did NOT offer a complimentary breakfast) and went to where Robby’s job was. The dc & I went next door to a thrift shop (where I picked up a set of trivial pursuit cards for $1!) and then to a little coffee shop & bakery called “Cool Beans” :lol where Tim bought himself a chocolate chip cookie and I bought Bob & Nate one to share and Rae & I shared a blueberry muffin (all fresh today, according to the lady!) and then I got a breakfast sandwich for Robby.

After that we walked around a little but there wasn’t anything there to see, so we got in the car and headed up to St Petersburg. Between Bradenton & St Pete, there is a FOUR-mile long bridge (toll, but apparently most bridges in FL *are*… and it was worth the $1, IMO!)… the dc liked it so much that Bob said we needed to go back that way, and if I didn’t have it, he’d pay HIS $1 to do it :lol It really was neat 🙂

We spent a couple hours with Rob & Janne, and I was able to help a little getting stuff situated. The house is SO beautiful! I know they are going to enjoy living there.

Robby called needing to be picked up, so I loaded up the dc, told Rob & Janne goodbye, and we headed back across the toll bridge 🙂

After picking up Robby, we headed back up to St Pete (we wanted him to see the bridge, too! and the house, but he never did go see that)… when we got to Rob & Janne’s house again, they had gone out, so we went to the beach (mere blocks from their house!) and waded (well, Robby & I waded, the dc swam) in the salt water and sunshine for a bit, then headed out to change (there was a bathhouse not far from where we were, so that was nice!) and then headed back to Rob & Janne’s house. They were almost there when we got there; carried all their stuff (groceries) in, and Rob packed a quick bag and we ran him to the airport (his plane was supposed to leave at 7pm… we left his house at 6:25, so we were cutting it close!) and then headed on.

75 was VERY crowded so (since we have a GPS) we decided to find another way. We headed east and after about an hour we turned north again.

We got into Ocala about 10ish and decided it was time to find a place to sleep, and here we are.

We got home last night about 10:30ish, after stopping by another friend’s house in Chattanooga.

It was a great trip!



I dreamed I was riding in a school bus that my friend Jean was driving, and another school bus drove up beside and in one of the front seats was a girl I went to school with in 6th – 7th grades, named Dena Sedlock (I’m sure that isn’t her last name anymore)… we didn’t get along that well in school (I’m not sure why – she didn’t like me for some reason… maybe I was just annoying, I don’t know)… but it was neat in the dream… and Robby woke me up before I got to see if I would get back in contact with her.

About the previous:

About the previous:

A comment said,

That’s just CRAZY! 😉 Not that I’m knocking a well-placed hug at the appropriate moment, but to love ALL hugs?!?!?! LOL!!!!

Like I told the commenter in an email – I cannot think of one hug in my entire life that I disliked. There were a couple awkward ones (due to the hug-ee being a non-huggy type) but none totally unpleasant.