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I dreamed we were helping to take care of two little girls, Christian and Tyler, and their little sister Liz (or Sandy… both names were used)… and we ended up adopting them, and still had this one coming along in December! Instant large family LOL! It was neat though.

I almost forgot to post

I almost forgot to post

…about our trip to Mississippi!

On Wednesday, March 23, we drove down to Mobile, AL, where I got to meet one of my friends (whom I “met” online a few years ago and this is the first time we got to meet in person)! It was a very nice visit.

We left there and went to a hotel – only to find it was “NO VACANCY.” So was the one next door. On either side. We drove down a ways, and tried another one. It had a vacancy but… Robby asked the guy behind the counter if he could look at a room. The guy said, “In the morning” Robby said, “So I can’t look at a room before I sleep in one?” and the guy said, “You can pay and then go to the room and if you don’t like it we can work something out.” Sounds good? Not! There was a big sign on the wall stating “NO REFUNDS.” Robby said, “No, thank you.” and we left.

We drove halfway from Mobile to Ocean Springs, MS, and stopped at a rest stop along the way and slept there, in the car.

Thursday morning we drove the rest of the way, looked around Ocean Springs and Biloxi a bit, had breakfast, and then headed to the downtown area of Ocean Springs where Robby had a service call. While he was working, the kids and I wandered around downtown Ocean Springs (VERY neat place!) and Bob & Rae each bought a pewter pendant from Ballard Pewter.

About 11am, we had covered the whole of downtown, so I turned on the car and pulled up the GPS to see how far we were from the ocean (actually, the Gulf of Mexico). It was only five blocks from where we were, so we turned the car back off and, putting Zeus on the leash, headed that way.

After about three blocks, we came upon a public playground, so we stopped in and let the kids climb on the toys for a few minutes. I talked to a lady who had two daughters (ages 17mos and 2mos) for a few minutes, and then we headed on down to the beach.

It was a beautiful day, have I mentioned that? It was around 70 degrees, the sun was shining… the wind at the beach was constant, but pleasant. I sat on the (more or less dry) sand with my feet in the water, while the kids romped and played. We were there for about an hour and a half, then we headed back up to the car, to see if Robby was done yet.

He wasn’t.

We walked a couple blocks north to Burger King for lunch, bringing Robby back a sandwich. Then we went back to the toy store for a couple minutes, followed by a stop by the ice cream shop, and back to the pewter place for Bob to purchase his (Rae got hers earlier, but Bob waited). Then we went to the Tatonut (potato donuts) shop and tried one of those (delicious!).

On the way back to the car, we stopped by a pottery place. It was really neat!

Finally, about 5pm, Robby got finished, and we headed home.

All-in-all, the kids and I had a great trip… Robby worked the whole time, which was kind of a bummer, but at least the rest of us could enjoy!

Fun day today

Fun day today

This morning we took the two younger boys (ages 8 and 5) to an easter-egg hunt sponsored by our friend’s church down in Oneonta. It was a lot of fun! They had SEVENTY-FIVE THOUSAND plastic eggs in the football field of a nearby high school, and since it had been sprinkling, there were not as many people out there as they had expected. Before the activity, they had a program, with a dramatization of “the Passion of the Christ” as told in the Bible. The boys had a great time and got a bunch of plastic eggs with candy in them.

After that, we went back to our friends’ house and ‘hung out’ a while.

The older two were with their grandfather at his job, and they enjoyed that (and earned some money, too)!

Weird dream this morning

Weird dream this morning

I had a weird dream this morning; we were in a different house – which was MUCH larger inside than it was outside, due to having much underground – and had several people over – including ladies I know from online (LeeAnne, BrandyR, Tina, and Lynn) and their children. They were so much fun to be with!! and I hated when I realized it was only a dream.

I wish I could draw this house. The living room was wider than it was deep, and there was a hallway off to the left. Just behind the living room (with a wall between) was the kitchen. The hallway at left had five or six doors (rooms) off it to either side. The left side wall to the right of the hallway in the kitchen area had a small staircase going up to another door, which opened out into a ‘common room’ with four rooms off it. I remember thinking “Hey! This would be perfect to move the kids up here into their own rooms, and have the main rooms downstairs for library, crafts, school, etc.” Then somewhere… I think off the other end of the ‘common room’ upstairs, maybe? there was another door, with stairs going down. Downstairs there was a HUGE area – I think it was a factory of some kind – and after that a hallway, then a large area, where the roof was much higher and well-lit, and painted as though it were outside, then after that something else I can’t remember, and at the very end (a couple hours’ walk from the original down-staircase) was a little restaurant/bar. It was really incredible.

Even without the basement area, I really liked the layout of the house.

Update on Kitty

Update on Kitty

He’s looking a little better this afternoon. He started to purr when I came in there, but stopped immediately… I think it might hurt to purr? But I looked at the wound and it seems to be starting to heal a little. He excreted a little, so that is a good sign.

A vet once told us (when we took Benny), “The body is very forgiving.” I’m kinda counting on that. He has gotten up and into the litter box a couple times, though I think he hasn’t been able to actually *squat* (it seems to hurt him to spread his legs, though as long as they are still, they seem to not hurt much).

Anyway, I have hope. I put a little food and a little water in a shallow dish in with him, close by, so he could actually eat/drink without having to get up, if he chooses.

Kitty’s hurt

Kitty’s hurt

I don’t know what happened. We couldn’t find him earlier today, and when we got home (about 10:45pm) tonight, someone found his flea collar on the porch.

I decided to check out back one more time before bed to see if he was back home and ready to come in, and I heard him out there crying, so I went out to find him. He was hiding between a tote and the crate in which we keep the swimming pool. I picked him up and he cried, and I set him on the porch and saw that he was having trouble walking, and was obviously in pain.

My first thought was that he’d been hit by a car (had a cat, Benny, who had gone through that when I was 15/16) so I brought him in and laid him in the utility room (where the litter box is) and went to get Robby.

We brought in a flashlight (utility room light is burned out at the moment) and looked him over – his behind is torn open, not sure how. Either he was hit and scraped along the ground… or someone caught him and did something to him… or an animal attacked him… hard to say. Robby said we’d look again in the morning to see if we can figure out better what happened.

Poor kitty!

God is so good!

God is so good!

Gotta tell this story bragging on God here!

Yesterday, we got a note from the bank saying that a customer’s $45 check bounced. The customer, when called, said that her computer wasn’t fixed. It had been. So after getting the check stamped at the bank, we prepared a note explaining what happened and that we were going to let God take care of it, and returned the check – attached to the note – to the customer.

Shortly afterward, Robby had an appointment with another customer, to drop off a CD. In the process, he ended up doing some work on the customer’s computer. He has an account with us, so Robby told him he would just mark it in the account. The customer then grabbed a $100 bill and handed it to Robby, saying it was a gift! (**NOTE** – God gave us over 2x what we lost due to the customer’s bad check!)

Side note: the bank charged our account a $4 fee because of the bounced check.

Then Robby had to stop by Wal*Mart for some groceries, and was paying cash, and came up $4.46 short, so he got out his debit card, but while he was getting it out of his wallet, a TOTAL STRANGER came up and gave the cashier a $5 bill to cover the difference! God even took care of the $4 fee!

God is SO GOOD.

Last night I dreamed…

Last night I dreamed…

I wrote chapter 1 and chapter the last of a book – I wasn’t sure how many chapters would be between so I labeled it “Chapter 1053/10-20” or something similar. I had the characters all listed neatly on one page, and it was a very interesting book – but it seemed I was writing it from a story I was hearing on the radio, which isn’t exactly kosher.

I struggled at several times about a quote I was trying to incorporate, but couldn’t quite remember the wording despite hearing it 3 or 4 times. I still can’t quite remember the wording – it was something about “It’s in the freezer, to the right, behind the ice cream.”

Aren’t dreams weird sometimes??