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I used to like “E.R.”

I used to like “E.R.”

even though I didn’t watch it very often. I’ve just been sorely disillusioned with it. They’re showing a woman who has five children under 8, pregnant, who was trying to starve herself (to kill the baby) and the nurse recommends abortion. 🙁 It’s terrible. Can’t they suggest adoption?? … oh, wait. One of the drs just got mad at the nurse who “talked her into abortion” for not giving her other options – because obviously she has a problem with abortion due to not asking for one. I guess that redeemed it slightly. Maybe.

They are still promoting anti-child propaganda. It’s ridiculous. Yuck.

Happy birthday to me!!

Happy birthday to me!!

We took a trip to Murfreesboro to meet some internet friends!

We left a little early – which turned out to be good, because then we had time to stop at Wal*Mart in Murfreesboro, which we had to find. We are very thankful for our GPS system!!

We were the first to arrive, so I called L and R to see where they were. They both had a few minutes before they’d be there, and I didn’t have a number for C, so I had to be patient ( LOL )

L & most of her crew got there next, and almost immediately after that, C & family arrived, followed closely by R’s family.

We greeted each other and introductions all around, and C gave us each a neat gift bag, and then we went inside.

The Discovery Center was a VERY NEAT museum! Lots to do, to see, and to play with! The kids had a great time, and did pretty well behaving, and got along great with each other. My older children were just DELIGHTED with the other children, and said they were a lot of fun.

Once we finished at the museum, L’s husband and other children joined us and we went to eat. The dc (27 of them!) – although they were hungry – sat well and behaved while waiting (over an hour!) for their food. My husband bought me a box of maple sugar candy as we were leaving (which I love!).

We went back to the museum parking lot (we’d left R’s van there because it was acting up, and just ‘shared’ them among our other vehicles) and got some pictures in the entryway (which was lit). One of the children pulled on the door and it opened!We had them close it immediately and told the others to leave it alone, and we got some pictures, and then headed back up to the vans.

A police officer drove up just as we were getting back to the vehicles and asked us if we were just coming out of the museum. We told her that we’d been here earlier and were just back to get the vehicles. She asked if we’d been by the front door and we admitted we had been – for pictures – and explained about the child.

Honest, we didn’t MEAN to get the police there!

Then we all said our goodbyes and we left.

R called when we were about halfway home, to let us know that their van was acting awful again, and they were staying with L’s family overnight.

All-in-all, it was a wonderful day, and the most delightful birthday I’ve had in a long time.

Well, it’s February 16, again.

Well, it’s February 16, again.

If you were reading last year at this time, you may remember me mentioning my friend Cheryl, whose birthday is today.

Isn’t it funny how some birthdays stay with you forever?

My mom – July 10 – even though my brother got married the same day, to me, that will always be “my mom’s birthday.” My brother – March 29.

My father – August 25. My first boyfriend – November 22. My friend Cheryl – today. People I haven’t seen in years, yet I remember them on their birthdays.

It’s kind of fascinating.