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Lite Brite!

Lite Brite for the computer!

Nice day today :)

This morning, my daughter and I went with my mom-in-law to Chattanooga. Once there, we picked up my friend and the four of us went shopping at Big! Lots (an extra-large version of Big Lots) and P&S School Supply, followed by lunch at Wendy’s and more shopping at America’s Thrift Store. We then took my friend home, visited for a few minutes, then headed home. Partway home, we stopped by Cracker Barrel for a snack and some more shopping.

Shortly after arriving home, our friends came over and spent the evening here. It was a very nice day!

It’s cold outside!

We went walking this morning around 6:30am and it was 20ยบ outside! Brrrrrrrrrr! I need to find scarves for tomorrow.

And another…

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Yet another silly quiz…

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Are you a nerd?

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Started a new schedule today

Hopefully this will work long-term and we will be able to stay organized and get healthy. That’s the goal, anyway!

Yesterday I got a toy-bin shelf for the boys’ room; I hope to be able to implement it today, and that should help a lot there.

Sad news about my foster brother…

He called me yesterday from jail. He has been living on the streets for a couple weeks and yesterday the police stopped him and searched him and found a “roach” in his pocket and his pocket knife, so they took him in. His court date is Feb 8.

I dreamed this morning

that I went to my grandmother’s funeral (which was a HUGE event – in my dream) and a bunch of the families I only know online so far were there. The only one I can remember for sure *now* was LA and her 8 children… that was pretty neat.
All my aunts & uncles were there (of course) and my mom.
I hated to wake up.

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Happy New Year!

…a little late.