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Couple things…

First, I found out that the embroidery hoop I bought hoping to use it for quilting – won’t work for quilting 🙁

Second, I crocheted FIVE snowflakes so far 🙂 Not too bad.

“I Doubt It!”

I taught the kids how to play “I Doubt It” tonight. We had great fun!!

Also, I crocheted a snowflake (using the pattern here) tonight, and I’m planning to teach the kids how to make them tomorrow!

Site update!

I think it can be considered an upgrade! Our business site ( has a whole new look – and is now interactive!

I made pie!

My first time ever making homemade apple and pecan pie. I used a store-bought crust but did the fillings of both myself. They came out pretty good, too!! Yummy!

Looks like a quiet Thanksgiving.

My inlaws are out of town, our friends are going to KY, our other friends have sick kids, and our other friends invited us to join them but Robby didn’t want to.

So I’m going to make pie anyway, and probably eat too much, and totally undo the tiny bit of headway I’ve made into losing weight.

So what.

If anyone has tried to email me…

…I am having trouble with email. Our old server is dying and we are in the process of switching to a new one, which comes with its own issues that need to be hammered out. It is very frustrating to be unable to send and receive email! I am looking forward to everything working properly again!!

Enjoyable evening!

Rachel & I went to a Keeper’s Club at a friend’s church tonight. We had a great time and learned how to make doll-size quillows. This is a club we would love to attend monthly! If you haven’t heard of it, check it out, it’s neat 🙂

Cute little (violent) game…

Defend Your Castle

You’d do better your first game if you’d read the FAQ before you start 🙂

Happy Veterans Day!

Thank someone in the military for your freedom, today!

We were going to have a parade, but it got rained out – it wasn’t raining very hard. In my opinion, they should have had it anyway – the veterans fought even when it rained, so shouldn’t we honor them even when it’s raining?

God bless America, and if any veterans are reading this, THANK YOU!

(The cartoon below is from several years ago, and I hope its author doesn’t mind me using it here:)

Our family has a new member!

Meet Blackie:

Isn’t he cute?

What a neat day!

First my friends from Huntsville were here (2 adults, 8 kids) and they stayed for dinner along with my friends from Albertville (2 adults, 2 kids) and us (2 adults, 4 kids) for a grand total of 6 adults and 14 children (20 people!) for dinner 😀 It was delicious, if I do say so myself, and the fellowship was sweet 🙂

I thank God for my dear friends!


This morning I dreamed I got to meet President GWBush… not just in passing, either, but over several days. He was visiting a college where I was (with my family). It was really neat. I hated to wake up LOL!

Penguin’s Ponderings

WOW! I just realized I’ve been blogging for over a year now! Wow!

I have been keeping up with my FitDay account again, and I bought a scale today. I’m at my highest ever, and determined to lose. And to KEEP it off. My first goal is to lose 25# by January 1. This may be unrealistic, but if I aim high, I hope to make progress, at least.

Four More Years!

Bush is officially continuing as our President. I am glad Kerry is *not* our President. May God have mercy on America, and may Bush be blessed as our Commander-in-Chief and President!